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Tattoo Wedding Rings: The New Way Of Exchanging Of Vows

by Fashionlady
Couple Tattoos

Tattoos For Couple

To all wedded souls, I am happy to present a new symbol of fashion that would give an interesting twist to your wedding vows.

The tattoo wedding rings. These awesome looking permanent ink designs are a wonderful alternative to traditional wedding rings.

How do tattoo wedding rings benefit you? Well, on an average you get to spend a fortune in buying diamond or gold engagement rings, don’t you? Instead of shelling out tons of cash on a wedding band, why not get your ring fingers inked. It is a new, interesting and innovative method in getting engaged.

Tattoo Wedding Rings

History is not clear when this trend started, but apparently the Egyptians have been exchanging eternal rings 4800 years back. They are the ones who believe in the concept of eternal life and being bound to the spouse for eternity, even after death.

That having said, let us find out more about tattoo rings for couples, tattoo engagement rings, tattoo ideas for wedding rings, unique tattoo wedding rings, tattoo engagement rings designs which you can jolly well use as inspiration for wedding rings tattoo.

Tattoo Engagement Rngs Designs

Advantages Of Tattoo Wedding Ring

When you get tattoo designs wedding rings the best part about it is that you have them with you all the time. There is no fear of accidentally losing your tattoo wedding rings or flushing it in the toilet. Since they are marked with you for a lifetime, you can customise the tattoo rings on fingers as per your need and choice. Here are some unique ways of sporting tattoo rings on fingers:

1. Mr. And Mrs

Quite a creative way when it comes to tattoo rings for couples is getting the Mr. And Mrs. inked on the ring finger. It naturally leads to emotional bonding.

Rattoo Rings For Couples

2. Name Initials

Just like wedding rings have names, similarly you can get your name initials tattooed on your wedding ring fingers. This way you can flaunt your names too on your ring finger in a creative way.

Tattoo Rings On Fingers

3. First Name Initials

While going for name initials in tattoo engagement rings, both partners can always go for the first initial of their name and add a bit of a design to make the design look like a ring tattoo.

Matching Tattoo Rings

5. Ring Tattoos

It’s not necessary to get the name initials or wedding dates tattooed. Sometimes customised ring tattoos help a lot and fill in the gap.

Ring Tattoos

6. Celtic Knots

Call it experimental or imaginative, Celtic Knots is a good way of sporting matching tattoo rings.

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Unique Tattoo Wedding Rings

7. Waves

Beach and the waves are almost wedded to each other. That’s why they are perfectly symbolic of tattoo engagement rings.

Wedding Rings Tattoo For Wedding

8. Anchor Tattoos

Get anchored to each other eternally by going for tattoo designs wedding rings.

Tattoo Designs Wedding Rings For Wedding

9. Tribal Style

Try out tribal tattoo rings when it comes to Tattoo Wedding Rings. It’s a design that will get you both to be more grounded.

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Tribal Tattoo Rings

10. White Ink

When it comes to making the tattoo rings on fingers look subtle then try out tattoo wedding rings white ink.


Tattoo Wedding Rings White Ink

Hope the concept of Tattoo Wedding Rings was able to give you a fresh new perspective of exchanging rings. Getting a tattoo inked as a wedding ring is a special gesture the two of you can go in for. Would you like to try it out? Tell us in the comments below.

Images Source: tattoomodels.com

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