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The Great Gatsby Makeup, Unveiled!

by Fashionlady
Great Gatsby Makeup

Great Gatsby Makeup

The 1920s look is what we noticed watching the Hollywood blockbuster, The Great Gatsby. Of defined red lips, thin eyes and the hair, the audience was floored at the chic hotness of the characters on screen and what must have been the trend back then. Back with a bang, and once again burning the days and nights with the awesome diva’ish touches, the Great Gatsby makeup look is what we would want to tutor you with!

Kindly take note and practice from now, because the diva in you yearns for a hot touch! Let’s start with The Great Gatsby lipstick and makeup ideas.

Great Gatsby Makeup Look

Source: pinterest.com

For The Flapper Girl Look

The flapper girl look is what was shown with the female lead in the Great Gatsby movie, and this is what we are now going to learn!

  • Apply your foundation and use a very light touch of pink for the blush effect around the cheekbones to begin with.
  • With the help of a reputed lip brush, get the lips coated in deep red lipstick, and work on the bow of the lip to make a statement. The Great Gatsby lipstick must be loud and prominent.
  • For the eyes, begin with the upper eyelid outlining the lash line on top, around the crease of the eyelid and with the help of an eye pencil. The lash line should be buffed with the help of a smudge brush, which helps soften up the edge of the line and pulls the colour towards the crease.
  • Time to fill the lids with browns and blacks in a mix. Use the shadows in matte shades, first beginning at the lid’s centre and then forming a base.
  • The lower lash line should be given one stroke with a brown pencil, which brings about the depth.

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  • A black pencil should be used to waterline the tear lines for the upper portion and the lower portion, which helps bring about a dramatic look.
  • To make the eyes pop out, one would need to get the inner corners of the eyes, highlighted and brightened. For this, a gold eye shadow or a pencil can be used, and a V-SHAPE has to be created.
  • A little glitter and shine can be added to the eye shadow, so use bronze and gold pigments around the centre of the eyes for more attention to come through and to make the eyes stand out as well. If you haven’t yet read about the glitter eye makeup, read it here.
  • The twiggy look isn’t what the 1920s saga was all about, rather the mascara was used generously to make the lashes visible, gleamy-glam and bright.
  • Embellish the eyes with beads or crystals, which you would find at cosmetic stores online, and your look is done.

Check the infograph below

Great gatsby look fashion

Source: pinterest.com


The Great Gatsby Hairstyles

While the 1920s flapper makeup stole the show at The Great Gatsby, it was the hair which made an impact too. Here’s how to doll up in the same!

Great Gatsby Hairstyles

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The Great Gatsby Hair Tutorial

The aim is to create the faux soft curl bob cut look, not a tough look to achieve, and here are the steps.

  • Step 1 – Brush the hair into a partition of two. Hair should fall on both sides
  • Step 2 – Comb the crown and the fringe into a flat mid-head bun as shown and clip it safe
  • Step 3 – The hair that remains near the nape of the neck should be tied into two plaits
  • Step 4 – Toll the two plaits into a low braided bun, as shown, and below the mid-head bun
  • Step 5 – The hair on either sides of the ears should be curled with hot-irons and rolled into a clip, as shown
  • Step 6 – Blow the hair in front and on the sides with a hot blower to set the curls
  • Step 7 – Open the mid-head bun and allow the curls to fall
  • Step 8 – Pin one side of the curls to portion above the ear and embellish with a chic hair accent
  • Step 9 – Brush the other side of the curls, allowing them to fall loose over the ear
  • Step 10 – Wear chunky The Great Gatsby Hair Accessories, and voila, you now are a flapper Gatsby Diva!

Check the steps in the Infograph below

Great Gatsby Hair Tutorial

Source: pinterest.com

Have fun dolling up like the leading character following the Great Gatsby makeup and hairstyle tutorials.

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