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Tips To Keep In Mind While Styling Stripes

by Fashionlady
Styling Stripes

Stripes are big this season and you have seen many Bollywood celebrities sporting this trend. But there is one question for you? How well are you acquainted with wearing it the right way? These are classic fashion exclusives for the longest time. But this style never ceases to fail. There is an endless limit to experiment with stripes. This video is a take on all of that and more.

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Wearing similar design from head to toe is another fashion statement. You can do the same with stripes. In fact, this style can be experimented on all body shape or size.


Check out the video for more exclusives and read on to know the tips in detail below.

In this video you will learn how to wear stripes with stripes, how to style stripes with other basic wardrobe items and a cool stripes tip that will change the way you shop for stripes the next time.

This season is all about bigger and bolder stripes and you need to have a thorough knowledge on how to style it. Let’s start with the coolest stripes tip. The next time you are stuck wondering what type of stripes are slimming, remember that it is the vertical stripes. This is because the vertical stripes will keep you looking very aligned and slimmed. The horizontal stripes will instead make you look wider.

Now if you are searching for how to wear vertical stripes, then this video has the perfect answer. A vertical striped buttoned down shirt with a vertical striped black charcoal and white trousers would be an ideal office wear.

If you are on the heavier side, then we would recommend you to avoid looking for how to wear horizontal stripes. Instead always opt for vertical stripes.

This video explains hat to wear with stripes, how to wear black and white stripes, what color goes with black and white stripes, etc. One of the best wardrobe item that you can wear with a black and white stripes outfit is a classic white shirt.

Another great tip to remember while wearing stripes on stripes is to go minimal with your jewelry and shoes. So opt for a nice pair of nude shoes and just 2-3 elegant jewelry items to complete your look. Do watch the video for some more amazing tips that will help you nail the stripes style.

Enjoy watching.

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