Eight Tips to Hide Belly Bloat


We are sure that there are many women out there willing to do anything to get rid of that extra paunch. It is vital to know that this bloating is caused due to overeating, periods and excess gas. If you are wondering on how to lose the awkward belly bloat without starving yourself, then you have hit the right spot. This video has eight answers on de-bloating and how to avoid acidity naturally.
From cutting off diary to avoiding alcohol, to finding the exact pressure point for massages, this video will help you get rid of that stubborn belly bloat.

Here Are The Tips To Help Hide Belly Bloat

Tip 1

Include a cup of hot water with lemon every morning right after you wake up, into your regime. Not only will it make you feel rejuvenated but it will help wake up your stomach too. Having a cup of this water during or after meal greatly helps in minimizing the bloat. Lemon contains a lot of Vitamin C and due to its sourness, it will help produce saliva which in turn will aid in digestive process.

Tip 2

The second tip to follow is to avoid drinking coffee, milk and soy milk for breakfast. Switch to almond milk which does not contain any diary or yogurt with probiotics. The probiotics in the yogurt will actually assist the bacteria present in the body to digest the food better.

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Tip 3

Say a strong no-no to carbonated drinks and strictly avoid consuming alcohol as well. The sugars and the toxins found in alcoholic drinks can make your face and body bloat. A ginger lemon grass tea is much more advisable. The ginger which has a spicy tinge actually helps relieve gas and calms the intestinal activity. It also increases blood circulation and is effective in relieving pain.

Tip 4

There are few food to avoid for gastric problems. One such includes fast food which contains high levels of sodium and grease. These fast foods tend to have more oil which keeps you for longer period giving you a bloated look. It can be worse for those people with irritable bowel syndrome and other related illnesses as the greasy food can lead to more bloating. In some cases, the salt in these foods might interfere with the salt content of the body causing more water retention in the body. All these factors can make you feel bloated and heavier than you actually are.

Tip 5

Do you know chewing gum can have its side effects? Yes! It will lead to swallowing in too much air which is pretty bad. In fact one must learn to eat slowly. Chewing and eating slowly will aid in faster digestion. Eating too fast can cause gastrointestinal track inflammation. This is also a good tip on how to avoid gastric problems.

Tip 6


Berries must be included in your diet plan. Berries such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are high in water content. And appropriate consumption of the berries can help in flushing out the system. As they are also rich in fiber content, they facilitate in moving the food quicker through the intestines. It helps relieve constipation which is one of the biggest concerns of stomach bloating.

Tip 7

Meditation is an effective form of therapy practiced widely over the years. It’s noticed that a lot of times bloating can also be caused by anxiety or stress. Meditation can help improve blood circulation and help clear the mind. Meditate for 10-15 minutes a day to calm your mind, heart and stomach. A quick nap can also be opted for relaxing and rejuvenating your mind. This regime will surely help fight against causes that makes you feel bloated.

Tips On Locating Pressure Points

Tip 1

To locate your pressure point, first locate your belly button. Place four fingers above and note that the pressure point is directly above your 4th and furthest finger. Press down firmly and massage for 2-3 minutes each both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This routine will help eliminate gas and deflate the stomach.

Tip 2

Find your belly button and place a finger above it. The pressure point is right above where you have placed your finger. Press down firmly. Massage for 2-3 minutes each both clockwise and anti-clockwise. It will help eliminate water retention and relieve stomach ache.

Tip 3

Find your belly button and place 4 fingers below it. The pressure point is below your 4th and furthest finger. Press down firmly and massage for 2-3 minutes each both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This will increase the activity of your intestine and help eliminate gas faster.

Hope this will help eliminate all cases on how to hide belly bloat. Check out the video for more details.

From cutting off diary to avoiding alcohol to finding the exact pressure point for massages; this video will help you in getting rid of that stubborn belly bloat.

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Enjoy watching.


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