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Vitamin A For Hair: Friend Or Foe?

by Fashionlady
Vitamins For Healthy Hair

Vitamin a For Hair

Dry, thinning or brittle hair? Looking to boost your hair health with a dose of vitamins? Don’t know how? Just a bit of discipline and dedication can reward you with the lustrous locks that are always style-ready. To begin with you need to start with a diet for healthy hair, which includes a rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients. It will work from within, conjuring cells for a healthy hair growth and sustainable long-term effect.

No expense on tablets or extra conditioners or those expensive serums and hair masks. Trust nature and raw produce to deliver astounding results. Allow us to enumerate the magic of Vitamin A for hair that is crucially important in maintaining your mane and additionally benefitting your scalp skin.

Why Choose Vitamin A for hair?

It is a popular antioxidant also known as retinol. It is particularly used for eye health, but its benefits for hair growth are also numerous. Vitamin A stimulates the production of an oily substance from the cells. It kindles secretion of sebum, from the epidermal cell glands which prevents dryness, flakiness and damage. This carotenoid compound vitamin regulates the synthesis of retinoic acid in the hair follicle, besides being immensely helpful for the skin.

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vitamin a properties for hair

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Why a Selected Diet for Healthy Hair?

Don’t ignore the mouth-mane connection, it is pretty hard core! Research has established that there is a strong link between what nutrients you intake and the condition of your strands. Give the food your hair is craving and see them blossom. Nourish your system with food and vitamins for healthy hair that shall help augment hair growth, combat icy flakes, sustain brittle hair and nourish the hair shafts. Opt for diet rich in healthy hair.

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Vitamin A For Hair

Carrots, spinach, cantaloupe, fish liver, eggs, butter, whole milk, mango, broccoli, kale, butternut squash etc. and more are also important sources of Vitamin A. Increase the potion of food rich in vitamins for healthy hair to gain hair strength, vitality and development.

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Hello Lustrous Locks: Vitamin A For Hair

You have heard ample benefits of Vitamin A for hair, skin, nails, eyes and more. But ever wondered how this rich vitamin manages to work its magic each time on the tresses? Let us unveil Vitamin A properties for hair that causes it to redeem our crowning glory.

Vital Vitamins For Hair Growth

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Prevents Hair Breakage

Loss in moisture causes hair to dry out and become weak, making hair brittle, more prone to breaking and susceptible to split ends. Vitamin A produces sebum, an oily substance that keeps the hair from drying out and protects the hair shaft from damage. Sebum is also the main factor for the shine and lustre that your hair boasts of. Vitamin A keeps your scalp skin and hair moisturised, which prevents breakage. It acts on an effective natural conditioner for beautiful and healthy hair.

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Helps Fight Dandruff

It is a great nutrient for your scalp and help you bid adieu to those annoying white flakes, if you can manage to add more Vitamin A to your diet. Keeping your scalp well-nourished and well-oiled, healthy shots of Vitamin A help prevent dryness of hair follicles and abstains cells from wilting. Lending you lush and voluminous tresses sans the itchiness.


Addresses Hair Loss

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Being a rich source of anti-oxidant, Vitamin A helps boost blood circulation by stimulating hair follicles. Healthy circulation means stronger tresses and less hair loss.

Hair Growth

As Vitamin A helps stimulating cells it also augments hair growth and offer nourishment. The vitamin also aids in cell reproduction, essential process for all bodily functions including hair growth. By augmenting cell regeneration it re-vitalizes hair follicles giving your mane a new lustre.

A word of caution though. Too much of anything is bad. Same for vitamin A. It can lead to toxicity and hair fall.

Vitamin A Hair Benefits

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Then Why Is Vitamin A Harmful?

Vitamin A is fat-soluble, so when consumed in excess, our body tends to absorb and store the surplus. Additional vitamin storage in cells may lead to toxicity and cause hair loss, in extreme cases alopecia. It is advised to consume Vitamin A potent sources in moderation. Recommended daily intake value for women is 2310 IU.

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Best Hair Vitamins for Hair Growth

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In addition to Vitamin A other vitamins to take for hair growth are B, C and E. Apart from promoting hair growth they strengthen the hair shafts from its roots, bring in lustre and also help in cell rejuvenation. So don’t forget to take your daily dose of multi-vitamins through raw fresh produce and other natural means for a gorgeous mane.

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Let us know what you think about Vitamin A and how you include it in your daily diet.

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