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We Want The 70s Hair Styles Back: Ways To Master The Fringes & Bangs This Winter

by Fashionlady
70s Hair Styles

70s Hair Styles

That 70s bangs, when the world went psychedelic and pretty much androgyny in their fashion statements, the 70s hair styles especially with bangs rocked the scene. Women literally wore their hair down and left it loose, and there was a fashion movement brewing around every nook and corner of the globe. We want the 70s hair styles back and with the bangs to bang the scene around in 2016.

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Hairstyles From The 70s

Let’s take a look at some of the sexiest hairstyles from the 70s with bangs that rocked and will rock when we wear them right 2016 onwards.

1. If you fancy a messy and nonchalant look, you could try wearing your bangs in one of the hairstyles from the 70s in a messy way. Play with the bangs on the forehead and allow them to fall free and wild. Perfect for a night out with the girls and daring the boys to come closer to you.

Hairstyles from the 70s

2. Another way to emulate the hairstyles from the 70s with bangs of course would be to let it sit sideways on your forehead and fringe. Keeping the hair medium length to the bust line or longer, you would have a sexy avatar to flaunt for a party night.

70s style hair

3. The iconic bang look of the 70s was when women wore their hair loose and with bangs flowing straight from the forehead and into their eyebrows. Much ado about nothing and no fuss or elaborate hair products to use, this particular look from the many hairstyles from the 70s is what we want back.

Hairstyles with bangs

4. Very long bangs with a bouffant back brush on the crown of the head, reminiscing the styles of the 50s and the 60s stuck along in the 70s. Paired with twiggy eyes, women brought about an innocent rage and charm wearing long bangs.

1970s womens hairstyles

5. Wavy bangs were meant for women with wavy hair or women with straight hair who wanted to doll up in another look altogether. Soft curls were placed on the bangs and side brushed for a very vintage effect; even with long hair- so it wasn’t the norm of having the 50s waves in the 70s for short haired girls only.

70s womens hairstyles

6. Ponytail bangs were popular amongst the PYTs who wanted a touch of the good old 60s in the 70s. The 70s style hairstyle was a bomber for sure, when girls ran around in boyfriend shorts, knotted shirts and bell-bottoms.

Women hairstyles from the 70s


7. Women wore their beautifully with soft curls and waves, and with plenty of soft bangs to throughout the 70s. The look was that of feminine charms and was a delightful way to flaunt the sensual appeal as well.

Layered bangs

9. Jennifer Lopez (singer and Hollywood celebrity) recently sported the full fringe bangs at one of her interviews, which reminds us much of the sexy hairstyles with bangs worn by many women back in the 70s. Ask any of the moms out there who were PYTs back then, and they would show you their Eastman colour pictures denoting the hairstyle.

Fringe bangs

10. If you have long wavy hair and that wears itself thin, you could opt for one of the cutest hairstyles with bangs; brushed to the side and the tresses left messy and wild. Women back in the 70s as mentioned were a nonchalant lot when it came to hairdos, and wore their hair very rarely with the help of accessories or products to style the tresses with.

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70s hairstyles with bangs

11. The pump and the pinned hairstyle of the 70’s still rocks, don’t you think? This is the most go-to hairdo for any casual dinner or party. If you have straight hair, with the help of a curling iron, strat curling your hair from the tip to midshaft. Now take the top section of hair and pinning it by giving it a pump effect on the crown. Jennifer Love Hewitt here shows you how cool this style looks.

The pump and the pinned hairstyle

12. The steep-angled layers all around the face contour, giving a triangle look on the top is one more of the 1970 short hair hairstyle that one can try. This wedge style will be apt for the summer, don’t you think?

The steep angled-layers all around the face contour

13. The thick and thin, asymmetrical hairdo that once rocked the 70’s is back in the game again. This shag haircut 1970 is a slightly messy style with thinner hair on the bottom and thicker, fuller hair on the top.

Shag haircut

14. The rounded, sleek hairstyle, known as the page boy is a cute 70’s hairstyle which we see often these days. Remodel it a bit by creating side bangs, or by giving it waves and curls. Interesting style, isn’t it?

Sleek Hairstyle

15. The African American hairstyle, known popularly as the Afro disco style rocked the 1970 hairstyle with a bang. The puff ball of hair never gets oily and can be handled without messing with it for close to 10 days. With each day, teh curls loosen a bit evolving into a newer look.

The African American hairstyle

16. The boho style that most of us go bananas over is a trend that slid right back from the 1970 hairstyles. The typical headband braid that is often sported is a classic bohemian look that gives the Game of Thrones feel.

The Boho Style

17. One more of the Afro style that can be picked from the 70’s hairstyles is the dreadlocks. The intricate braided look is the most picked style by the celebrities for a beach based photo shoot. It is the right pick for the beach day out as it keeps the hair intact and untangled.

Afro style

18. Remember the classy bun style of the 70’s? Yes! With a perfect side fringe, the added volume on the crown and the neatly rolled bun, it was one of my favorite styles of the 1970’s. A classy look to carry to any elegant events, don’t you agree?

Classy Bun Style

19. Be it layered, feathered or any typical 70’s hairdo, add a flowery head gear or a beaded one to give it the perfect 70’s feel. You can also wrap a scarf, or strap an elastic head band for the ultimate rock star look of the 70’s.

Hair Style

20. The style that never fails is the the sleek ponytail look. Irrespective of the time frame we are in, the sleek uplifted ponytail is one great go-to style for bad hair days and weather.

Sleek Ponytail

Here were ten of the cutest and the very best 1970s womens hairstyles from the western world that made an entry into the Indian fashion domain during the flower power days. The mood back then was all about attaining nirvana and peace, and till date the hippie look isn’t out for most of us. Bangs are hot trends and will always be, since they help define and sculpt a look. Try one of these hairstyles from the 70s and do let us know how you felt wearing them!

Image source: pinterest.com

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