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Hair Talks: What Does Your Hairstyle Speak About You

by Fashionlady
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Did you know that experts can tell a lot about your personality by the way you dress up and the way you talk? But now-a-days, they can even tell a lot about you just by looking at your hairstyle. Well, just like how what you wear speaks oodles about your personality, the same way your hair length, the volume, the colour as well as the style in general can speak a lot about the woman. So, if you want to have a good impression on people around you, here is what you should know:

Curly Wuryly

If you have curly hair, you are considered as a very warm person. Women who have curly hair are said to be warm-hearted and also very fast at doing task than other women. Their personality traits are generally leadership, love, passion and aggression. The funny part is, they are drama queens and they have difficulties in focusing at one task at a time.

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Poker Straight but You Want to Curl it All

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. And if you have straight hair and you always want to curl it, it means that you are craving a lot of fun in your life. The logic behind this is that if you are constantly trying to change your look, you may be trying to attract more exciting opportunities. You think that your hair is more exciting and it will project you too as a very exciting person.

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You have red hair= you have more fun!

This is what a lot of people think! People who have red hair are those who tend to have a lot of fun in their life. Red hair really stands out. Even if you don’t naturally have red hair, but you have dyed it to red, it means that you are an outgoing person and ready to have fun. However, there is also another side to redheads. Most redheads are considered fickle in a relationship and they only love the infatuation stage. It might be hard to get such a person to settle down!

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Curly Hair That You Keep Straightening

Just like it is one way, there are also a lot of curly-haired women who want to keep straightening their hair. This is a surest sign of chaos in your life and you would want to calm that down. There is a desire for everyone to calm down and bring the balance back in their life. It’s the same with people who tend to change their natural hair. Straightening the hair constantly it means that you are trying to bring in a sense of calmness.

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If you have a high maintenance hairstyle, it means you are very high maintenance

It is natural isn’t it? If you have a really high maintenance hairstyle, it means that you are a drama queen and you are critical of a lot of things around you! When you take an extremely long amount of time to get dressed in the morning, you are either very self-critical or you are trying too hard to get all things right. You are someone who really likes the attention and the barrage of compliments that come your way with your hairstyle.

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Totally Quirky Haircut=you are fun-loving

You can expect someone with a quirky haircut to be very fun-loving and unconventional. Women who have a very different haircut are generally those who are very different from other run-off-the-mill women. Since their hairstyle is fun, they would be equally interesting in their own lives too!

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So what does your hairstyle speak about you?

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