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What you wear speaks oodles about your personality

by Fashionlady
What you wear speaks oodles about your personality

What you wear speaks about your personality
A famous adage goes: ‘Dress Maketh a Man’. For long, scientists and researchers have debated whether the dress really affects a person. They have always wondered how wearing a particular type of attire can affect the aura of the person and how he or she feels too. Not only is that person affecting his or her own life, but they are also exuding an aura based on which a person will judge them.

Recent studies by a Clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, showed that what we wear can let passersby know what our emotions, our aspirations and our spending habits are. In fact, she even wrote a book, aptly titled ‘you are What You Wear: What Your Clothes Reveal About You’ which provides insight into how what you wear can speak oodles about your personality.

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Baumgartner calls it the ‘psychology of dress’ and she explains how wearing a certain dress on a certain occasion can actually speak volumes about what your state of mind was at that particular time.

Clothes: Leaving your Personality Bare

You may think your dress covered up everything, but Baumgartner suggests that a particular piece of attire is actually laying your personality bare. Baumgartner explains that every person has a specific way of dressing up and their favoured choices reveal how they are processing the world around them. Shopping and spending behaviour are actually mirrors to the kind of psychological issues that a person may be facing.

Clothes Leaving your Personality


Often, deeper psychological problems and troubles are routed in the form of clothes: either baring too much, or wearing over-the-top jewelry pieces or being seen in a dress more often. She explains that in order to get rid of a problem once and for all, we need not go far. The answer lies in our very own cupboards!

Clothes Leaving your Personality Bare


If Clothes Could Speak:

A woman can’t deny her love for most expensive jewelery brands or various other designer brands. When she wears a particularly expensive outfit, people will judge her economic and social status based on the brands she is wearing. Aristocracy is long dead, but Chanel and Prada can really put you high up on the fashion pedestal.


Clothes help a person to understand what place they hold in the society and at the same time others too can gauge their importance marked on the clothes that adorn the other person’s body. Since there is no socially acceptable way to measure a person’s status, most people use fashion and brands as a reasonable gauge.

If Clothes Could Speak


Will Clothes Decide Your Success?

Well Baumgartner is not sure about that but she does assert that clothes will determine how successful you will be in your life. Every piece of cloth that you wear is interpreted in a certain way. For someone who loves baring their cleavage, it is naturally thought that the person is power hungry. The same goes for women who love adorning themselves with precious stones as big as rocks and statement pieces that are over the top. It is an indicator that the person may not be as financially stable as they appear to be.

Will Clothes Decide Your Success


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Personality Matters:

There is a reason why certain pieces of clothing are called ‘Classics’. They have survived generations and are still considered classy. You should try and stick to the basics for a more confident look, advises Baumgartner. Wearing classic attire works all the time. It is appropriate for most body types and can seldom go wrong. Don’t try to camouflage too much, but at the same time, it is not advisable to bare too much either, until the situation demands it of course!

Personality Matters


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