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What Gifts To Give To Your Cancer Girlfriend

by Fashionlady
What Gifts To Give To Your Cancer Girlfriend

What Gifts To Give To Your Cancer Girlfriend

Humans largely work under the influence of two things – brain and emotions. When you are thinking of how to gift a Cancer zodiac sign, then your gifting options should not only be emotional but sensitive to her tastes too.

Water is her calming and relaxing element, and can pass off as great gift ideas for Cancerian women. So as long as you include water in the gift list, half your job of expressing love and affection to a Cancerian woman is done. On the other hand, the Cancerian lass is endowed with imagination and intuition, which goes to prove her intellectual and creative pursuits in life.

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Wouldn’t you want to know the famous Cancer women? There are quite many and that includes pop singer Selena Gomez, and the late Princess Diana.

Selena Gomez and Princess Diana

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Here are few gifting options for a Cancer lady, inclusive and exclusive of water, which would bring her untold happiness and joy.


Cancerian girls are pretty sensitive and emotional. Whenever you are on the lookout for a suitable gift for her, a book on romantic poetry would be a good way to express your feelings.
Examples are love sonnets of Shakespeare, if her tastes are on the classical side. However if she has a modern bent of mind, Emily Dickinson series can be the perfect way to express your love for her.

All in all, whether it’s a romantic novel or a book containing love quotations, it will be sufficient to make a Cancer girl emotionally fulfilled.


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Feminine Fragrances

Moon being the rule planet for Cancer girl makes her all the more seductive and feminine. Spray love and affection on her with a perfume that has floral notes. It would be one of the best gifts for her.

Try floral fragrances that have essential oils extracted from rose, lavender, jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose, gardenia and carnation. Their mild and lush notes will match her graceful charm and feminine sensuality no end.

Perfume labels from well-known brands you can pick are Clinique Aromatic Elixir, Ralph Lauren Romance and Yves Saint Laurent Paris.

Feminine Fragrances

Source: getprice.com.au

Home Decor

A Cancer sign is the symbol of the crab. It means a Cancerian girl is more than happy to lug around its house on its back. She is a real home buddy who loves everything about her home and family. Since she treasures her home and family, gifting her home decor items such as soft rugs, flowing curtains and plush pillows would enhance her desire for a well-done up home.

Plush Pillows

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Kitchen Accessories

We have often heard a saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. And the way to a Cancer woman’s heart is by gifting her cookware and cookbooks. If she is not very adept in cooking but wants to imbibe the skills, then taking her through cooking lessons or a cooking video would sufficiently whet her culinary skills.

The Cancer women love to whip up large hearty meals and preside over the dinner table. Gifting her dinnerware to slender candlesticks would not only add to her experience, she will most certainly treasure the gesture. Remember, the Cancerian woman will be more than delighted if she gets something that enhances her kitchen workspace or uplifts her living area.

While shopping, go for bath accessories such as bath salts, scented candles, as well as aromatic lotions.

Scented Candles

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In the same vein, a Cancer girl would be happy to receive cosy pajamas and bathrobes on her birthday. Pick white, silver and cream colors.


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Water-based Vacations

Since a Cancer girl is water-inclined, it is best to gift her a trip to lakeside resort. She can alternatively spend few days at the tropical beach to satisfy her desire for aquatic adventures such as sunbathing on the golden sands.

Water Based Vacations

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Do let us know how you found the gifts for a Cancer lady through your views, and comments.

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