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What Is Confetti Eyeliner?

by Fashionlady
What is Confetti Eeyeliner

Confetti Eyeliner Tutorial

Mastered the winged eye liner, the cat eye and the smoky eye? Is statement eye makeup your thing? Then the confetti eyeliner trend is what you need to know. The name might not necessarily ring a bell immediately, but hey we shall give you a complete insight on this trending beauty trend. So, what is all the hype about?

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What Is Confetti Eyeliner?

Basically, it is your regular eyeliner where instead of a line of solid color, you go on to use different colors or even specks of glitters which are dotted on like confetti over your eyes. It essentially gives a new spin to your regular cat eyes eyeliner.

Confetti Eyeliner Tips

Source: instagram.com

Makeup artist and beauty-grammerist, Katie Jane Hughes initially came up with this striking alternative to the classic cat-eye. The trend was discovered when popular magazine house, Cosmopolitan were scrolling through Katie Jane Hughes’s feed and stumbled across the Confetti eyeliner, as she put it. Since then, Intagram feeds have been overloaded with these confetti eyeliner looks from all over the world. Everybody is trying it out, starting from celebrities to fashion-divas to normal people like us, who just want to experiment with their looks.

But the question still lies, how does she do it? Katie swaps the standard cat eyeliner look for a dreamy dotted version of it, which offers some amazing results and comes off as a complete game changer. By the looks of it, the confetti eyeliner seems pretty easy to recreate but seasoned hands are must when you even think of recreating a confetti!


In this article, we are going tell all about the confetti eyeliner through a comprehensive confetti eyeliner tutorial. We will also give you some confetti eyeliner tips. Now, you can stand out in any occasion, regardless of the outfit that you choose.

Confetti Eyeliner Tutorial

Here is a step by step tutorial for mastering the confetti eyeliner:

  1. The first step to any makeup regime is to start by getting your essentials together. Specifically, for the confetti eyeliner, you need to decide the colors to be used and to what extent. It all depends on your outfit for the day.
  2. The next step is to start with the actual makeup by adding a dot to the outer corner of your eye. This is where you would want the eyeliner flick to end. This step is important considering that putting that end dot will act as a guide to ensure that your cat-eye doesn’t end up going all over the place or doesn’t get awkwardly long.
  3. The third step is to flick a standard backbone line for your eyeliner. You will be filling this up in the future steps. So, make sure you get this step right.
  4. Now, you can begin to fill in your flick by dotting it with the tip of your eyeliner, instead of drawing on it smoothly (like we usually do for a cat-eye). Here, you can choose a myriad of colors to experiment with considering the outfit you are likely to sport. When you’re sure of the two or three colors you will be using, alternate between liquid liners of both hues, and dot your way to the end. If you fancy recreating Katie’s monochrome confetti eye look, switch and swap between a white and black liquid eyeliner.
  5. Finish off with a nice dark black mascara and a complimenting eyeliner flick on your lower eye. Don’t forget to add a little glitter on the liner to give yourself that extra edge.

If you follow the steps diligently, you should end up with a fabulous looking confetti eye-look.

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Here are some of the looks you might want to take some inspiration from:

1. Color Is The Key

For achieving this confetti eyeliner look, the basic steps remain the same. You just need to use at least three bright contrasting colors mixed with a little white for the dotting part of the makeup regime. The intelligent use of a bright red hue on the lower eye is a statement move when considering this eye makeup.

Eyeliner Trend

Source: instagram.com

2. Subtle Yet Chic

Here we can see that the Instagram user uses a mix of red, dark blue and purple to achieve a perfect confetti that says a lot without being too flashy and loud about it. The confetti eyeliner works wonders with her brown matte lipstick. Not to forget the white highlight at the corner of the eye, absolute genius!

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Confetti Eyeliner

Source: instagram.com

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