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Why Do We Get Wrinkles On Our Face?

by Fashionlady
causes of wrinkles on face

why do we get wrinkles

A beautiful, blemish-free and wrinkle-free skin is what all women wish for. Everyone loves a good looking and flawless skin, but the path to such a skin is not at all easy. Especially because there are so many things that you need to take care of in order to get a beautiful skin. For instance, you have to eat well, exercise and be an epitome of health – which in our daily lives is not always possible.

One of the most troubling beauty problems for a woman is the appearance of wrinkles. We all will get them, eventually, but some not-so-lucky ones get them even sooner (these are called wrinkles because of premature aging. Aging is a problem and now we have to deal with premature aging too!). Wrinkles causes are many, but we need to understand the root of the problem before we start soul-searching for a solution.

Why do we get wrinkles?

This is the eternal question whose answer every woman is seeking – Why do we get wrinkles? Well, to answer this question, we will have to understand that wrinkles are inevitable and are a part and parcel of our aging process. There are many reasons for wrinkles on face and sun damage, pollution, dehydration, facial expressions and a lot of other factors contribute to it. We all love a good skin, but if we don’t take care of it, we will never have beautiful skin.

causes of wrinkles

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Let’s break this down and check out the different causes of wrinkles on face:

1. Leading Cause: Exposure To Sun

Yes, you should have really listened to your mom when she said ‘Apply Sunscreen Generously’. Never ever scrimp on sunscreen because this is the number one reason why we get wrinkles. When you spend considerable amount of time in the sun, you tend to get more of the UV light which is not so good for the skin. So, always and always apply sunscreen because you don’t want to look all saggy before you are even 40, right? Shield yourself from the sun as much as possible!


Source: baysidedermatologycenter.com

2. Smoking

If any smoker asks you why do we get wrinkles, just point them the stub. Yes, smoking and wrinkles on face are intricately connected. Smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin and as a result your aging process is highly accelerated. One, number-one way to reduce those wrinkles for good is to lose the stub and it’s not difficult!


reasons for wrinkles on face

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Fun fact:

Wrinkles Causes

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3. Your Diet

Like we said before, a good and healthy diet is a sure shot way to keep those wrinkles at bay. ‘You are what you eat’ is one way to describe it! Eating too much processed food and unhealthy oil-rich food is not only affecting your weight, but it is adding a lot to your face too. A process called glycation (due to consumption of too much sugar) affects your skin and causes the collagen in your skin to become very stiff and malformed. The elasticity of your face is severely affected and you can see the increase in the appearance of fine lines on your face. Cut down on the sugar and see the difference within no time!

reasons for wrinkles

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Yes, we are literally shouting here because most women forget to do so and get those lines very easily! If you sleep with your makeup on, you are inviting those wrinkles to have a party on your face! These makeup particles seep into your pores and damage the collagen and elastin, greatly accelerating the aging process.

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