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Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime For Brides-To-Be

by Fashionlady
Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

It is your wedding and the D-Day is almost knocking. You have ever since a little girl, been dreaming about prince charming coming on his horse as a gladiator and swooping you away. In most probabilities, he too would have dreamt as a little boy something on the same lines; wooing his lady love away! So let’s get started from now on your pre-wedding beauty regime, because you don’t want to keep it for the last minute and find yourself in a mess!

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Why Start Now Your Pre Wedding Skin Care

Ideally you should begin six weeks in advance for the D-Day, and we are talking about the pre wedding skin care. This is because, your skin would take time to adapt to the new found regime being applied and it would glow too.

Which girl would not want to glow on her big day? With utmost feeling of excitement and love, so very special! Moreover, the photo album would be testimony to the fact that you really worked hard for your wedding, so make it special and follow the pre-wedding beauty regime mentioned.

Here’s a Pre wedding beauty check-list for you to refer.

When you have about 9 – 12 months before the wedding, then…

Wedding beauty checklist

Source: modwedding.com

When you have 4-6 months, 2 months and 2 weeks until your wedding, then…

Marriage beauty checklist

Source: modwedding.com

Here’s what you need to do 1 week before the wedding..

Wedding beauty checklist days before

Source: modwedding.com

And, on the wedding day..

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Weddingday beauty checklist

Source: modwedding.com

Start Now

Congratulations on the big day to come and while the days inch closer, there would be a lot of anxiety, stress and nervousness to deal with. Relax, take a deep breath; everyone around is going through the same, since the big fat Indian wedding isn’t a game for the children to play. There has to be meticulous planning done, which is why caring for yourself now and letting others manage the rigmarole should be on your mind.

Pre-wedding skin care

Source: thebeautypin.com

Yoga And Deep Breathe

We encourage you to practice simple yoga asanas to stay in shape, and to breathe deep to ward off the anxiety pangs and the stress. This would help maintain the hormonal balance, which if left unchecked could lead to rashes, spots, blemishes, dark circles and breakouts on your skin. But if you follow the six week plan on the pre wedding skin care, your honeymoon skin would be born right before the D-Day happens.

Pre-wedding diet

Source: midaswealth.net

Exercise Daily

We know how busy you are; handling work, handling the bridal trials and more, which is why we say just give yourself thirty minutes each day for a simple workout plan. Maybe a brisk walk early each morning or before you sleep at night, yoga and a little aerobic exercise thrown in too would help tone the muscles and keep the skin clear as well. Your mood would be enhanced and you would lose excess body fat too. What you could try is a combo of skipping, boxing, running or swimming, and if you can cycle around each day, your legs would be happy too!

Aerobic exercise

Source: stepupdanceacademy.in


Brush Your Body

If you really are looking forward to beautiful soft and very vibrant skin on your D-day, you should know the importance of body brushing. Body brushing helps stimulate the lymphatic system, and the skin is kept free from the onslaught of ingrown hairs too. Even dead skin cells stand no chance on setting up shop, when the body is brushed with body packs made from gramflour, rose water and milk.

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To make the body pack, you will need:

  • Gramflour – 1 cup
  • Milk – 1/2 cup
  • Rosewater – 4 tsp

Combine the three into a paste and apply it all over your skin, your body and your face. Keep the pack on for half an hour and then wash it off with a gentle soft touch of your hands. While doing that, you would be massaging your skin and brushing it too.

Body brushing


Care For Your Colon

Plenty of pesky dirt, toxins and the unwanted bi-products are found in our larger intestine and colons, which should be removed. Cleansing the colon should be done under the supervision of an expert though. When you clean the colon, you re-hydrate the larger intestine and in turn provide an impetus to the body to make the skin glow in all its vibrancy too. Most spas would have colon irrigation or colon cleaning regimes ready for you to use!

Cleansing colon


Deep Skin Facials

To bring about a glow and clarity to your skin tone, you must get a deep skin facial cleansing done at least fourteen days before your wedding. This would allow the acne time to heal and the pimple marks to go. Opt for an oxygenated facial scrub this time, because oxygen helps carry the much needed iron in the blood stream; making the skin glow!

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Facial mask

Source: wordpress.com

Scrub a Week Before The Wedding

You have almost five more days for your wedding, and now it is time to use a teaspoon of Rose bath salt in your bath water for a nice scrub. Use warm water and the salt as your beauty regime. Your skin would be thankful!

Body scurb before wedding

Source: seabreezemassagelondon.com

We hope this post on pre wedding beauty tips makes it clear as to what you should start from right now!

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