Why Your Hair Looks Thin and Flat – Simple Hair Mistakes You’re Making


Common Hair Mistakes
Possessing thick, luscious and voluminous mane is every girl’s wish. Ask your ma how much trouble she takes to get naturally thick hair. Wearing hair extensions is an easy and quick way out but won’t you want to flaunt naturally healthy hair. Though there are tricks to making your hair look thicker, there could be some mistakes at your end that are turning them flat, limp and thin.

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We have rounded up few mistakes that you could be causing your hair to look thin and flat.

Biggest Hair Mistakes
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Why your hair look thin and flat?

1. Not using a volumizing powder

It’s all right to oil and shampoo your hair, but when you miss out on applying volumizing powder or dry shampoo to your hair roots, that is when the trouble starts. This hampers your hair to look fuller. Once your crown is thick enough, the rest of your hair falling on your shoulders would look full of volume, not frail.

hair care mistakes
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2. Partial rinsing off the conditioner

Yeah, a conditioner is important after a hair wash to make your tresses look soft, thicker and bulkier. But incomplete washing of the conditioner from your hair after shampooing can weigh down on your hair. This is when your hair begins to look frail and limp. Use a quality thickening conditioner to get the volume back.

Simple Hair Mistakes
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3. Flat Ironing the Hair ends

When you are flat ironing the hair, they will naturally make the hair thin. But when you are ironing the ends, you are spelling disaster. What you need to do is curl the hair ends inward. This would add volume to your hair, making them look thicker than before. Simple!

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Hair Mistakes for womens
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4. Making the mistake of using one-dimensional hair colour

Our hairs are multi-dimensional in colour but when you are getting a single colour done all over your head at a salon then you are entering a risky zone of the hair turning flat. Whenever you feel the urge to get your hair highlighted, try to avoid single wash of colour.


Mistakes You Make Dyeing Your Hair
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5. Not getting a haircut that’s layered

One of the simple ways to get fullness in hair is to get a layered haircut. It will help frame your face and give your hair the much needed bounce. Longer hair has the tendency to weigh more. This can pull your hair down, making it look thinner. Get your professional hairstylist to cut and shorten your hair in a few layers without losing your length.

Mistakes for Hair
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6. Your hair dresser has mistakenly used a razor on your hair

Generally, hairdressers employ razors to thin out thick hair. However, if they are not trained much into the do’s and dont’s of hair dressing, they might end up using a razor on hair that needs no thinning. In order to avoid this discrepancy, try to talk to your hairdresser before the haircut and explain him or her that you don’t wish your hair to be thinned out.

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7. You forgot to use a mousse

No matter the hair styling technique you are using – blow drying, curling, straightening, mousse is the best way to help you add volume to your thin hair. Apply a lightweight mousse to your roots and through your hair and see how they look bunchy and thick.

womens hairmistakes
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8. You aren’t blow drying your hair upside down

Try this trick of flipping your head upside down. Then blow dry your hair at your roots. This will instantly make your hair look thicker, all the more at the crown.

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Hair Styling Mistakes
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Now up your hair thickness with these tested tips and go have a blast with your hair volume. Goodbye thin hair! Ooh la la!


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