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6 Tips on How to Care for Your Cuticles

by Fashionlady
6 Tips on How to Care for Your Cuticles

6 Tips on How to Care for Your Cuticles
When it comes to beauty regime at home, cuticles are the most neglected parts. It is only when you fix an appointment with your regular salon for a manicure session; is when your cuticles gets its share of grooming. But then visiting salon frequently can cost you a fortune. I offer you 6 tips on how to take care of cuticles.

Cuticle is the thin ridge present at the base of the nail. While many people consider cuticles as the growing point of nails, in reality, the nail roots are deep down. Let’s learn how to care of cuticles. Continue reading!

1. Moisturize regularly

Moisturizing is one of the most important beauty regimes and should be followed daily, religiously. Most of the times when we moisturize our hands, cuticles are left out. Cuticles in fact need the most amount of moisturizer as our nails along-with cuticles get soaked and dried up after every hand wash.

The cuticles of Indian home makers are more prone to dryness, as their fingers are exposed to chemicals while washing clothes and utensils. So it’s time you started applying a good quality moisturizer into your nails and fingertips every day. And for best results moisturize your hands twice or thrice a day.

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2. Don’t ever cut your cuticles

Cuticles play an important role in protecting the roots of the nails, as they prevent the bacteria from entering into the body. By cutting away the cuticles we usually pave the way for bacteria to invade. The ideal way is, pushing back cuticles with a non-metallic tool, say rosewood stick.

3. However don’t push back dry cuticles

Since cuticles are moist, it is easy to push them back. Try pushing back your cuticles right after you get out of the shower, or do it after soaking your fingertips in a bowl of warm water for a couple of minutes. In this way, you can easily push back the cuticles without causing any damage.


4. 3 steps to push back cuticles

a) Apply a cuticle remover (not a cuticle oil)

b) Now use an orange stick to gently push back your nicely moist cuticles

c) Move the orange stick in circular direction at the base of the nail. In this way, it will remove buildup dead skin cells if any

5. Trim the nails carefully

While experts suggest not cutting off the cuticles, the hangnails should be cut down. However you’ll have to be very careful as it can cause infection. For this, you’ll need a sharp cuticle nipper that is sterilized with alcohol or peroxide to avoid any kind of toxic transfer.

6. Choose your manicure kit carefully

Do not go for nail care products including nail polish removers and nail paints that are formulated with acetone, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins etc, as they can cause damage to your nails.

If you have any kind of manicure items that contain any of the above mentioned chemicals then dump them straight away.

Instead, go for nail polish that is free from formaldehyde, and acetone-free removers. That’s because both of these chemicals cause dryness and irritation of cuticle skin apart from being toxic.

So those were the following 6 tips on how to care for your cuticles at home.

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