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Time For Some Cuticle Care: How To Trim Cuticles

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Trim Cuticles

Cuticle Care

Nail aficionados will know what a cuticle is. But, even if you aren’t a nail art or nail design fan, you ought to know how to take care of your cuticles. The cuticle is actually not what most people think. Time and again, while reading nail blogs, you will come across directions to push back your cuticles. The cuticles are actually a piece of skin which grow just beneath your skin attached to the nail. This diagram will explain more:

Cuticle Care Tips

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A lot of people are confused about why cuticles are so vital. Well, the answer to healthy and fast-growing nails is the cuticles. And taking care of the cuticles will also ensure that you do not get hangnails! Over time, when you take care of your cuticles, you will be able to sport better looking nail art too!

Cuticles are also very delicate parts of your nails. You should never ever cut them. The only way you should groom them is to push them back. Now this too requires some expertise because wrong handling of your cuticles can lead to tons of problems. Cutting the cuticles leaves open a gaping space. This can in turn lead to problems such as nail ridges, white lines and even spots. You can also get bacterial infection which in the end may lead to several problems.

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Cut Cuticle

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Read on to know tips on how to take care of cuticles without damaging your nails:

Moisturizing is The KEY

Your cuticles are an integral part of your nails. As you moisturize your hands, make sure you pay special attention to your cuticles as well. There are even ensures that you won’t have to face problems such as those of the hangnails.

Tips for Cuticle Care

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If You Have To Trim, Use Only Designated Items

You should definitely not cut your cuticles, but trimming them can become a part of your nail care regime. For trimming them, do not resort to scissors or any other such product which are not meant for cuticles. You have special products, like the cuticle remover which are there just for that particular job. Do not go for a clipper or a cutter. Instead invest in a cuticle remover. These work to tame the cuticle instead of cutting it off. Read the directions properly before using any such product. Carelessness may lead to hosts of injuries and wounds.

If you have to use clippers, the only place you should use them is to hack off the hangnails or those irritating pieces of dry skin. Never ever use a harsh item to cut your cuticles. These leave serious doors for infections. Healthy nails are results of healthy cuticles. So make sure you take proper care of them. Cuticle care is extremely important.

Cut Nail Cuticles

Pushing Cuticles Back

One of the best ways to take care of your cuticles is to push them back while taking care of them. But make sure you have softened them and moisturized them before you attempt to push them back. A good time would be after you have taken your bath.

The cuticles are soft now and it becomes easy to push them back. After your bath, you don’t even need special equipment for pushing them. You can simply use the corners of the towel to push them. Otherwise you also get special apparatus to push back your cuticles. While some use Popsicle sticks, there are cuticle pushers available in the market too. Whatever tool you use, always make sure you are being gentle on them.

Care of Cuticles

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