10 Bandhej Saree Designs That Surely Would Rock The Coming Of Spring

Bandhej Saree Designs

Who doesn’t know about bandhej saree designs, traditional ethnic sarees worn mostly by women in Rajasthan. Also known as bandhni, the bandhej saree designs are world famous, and are worn everyday and on special occasions too.

With the coming of spring, you would be busy sprucing up your wardrobe, isn’t it? And a vibrant touch is always so welcoming. So, why not have a couple of bandhej saree designs to showoff and flaunt in the new year, marking a new beginning to life!


Bandhej Saree Collection

But Rajasthan Has More

From Jaipur saris to Rajasthani silks, and Marwadi traditional silk saris too, Rajasthan has a treat for the lasses who love their sarees. However, the bandhej saree collection wins hands down. Thanks to the materials used, the colours in play, designs and styles too, from greens to maroons, pretty pinks to orange, mirror worked saris to red and resplendent blues too, you would be spoilt and pampered for choice.

Bandhani saree designs

Source: pinterest.com

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Famous Choices

Go wild when it comes to dressing for the special spring festivities next year, wearing the bandhni or the bandhej sarees, should you not opt for other famous types such as the kota silk, leheriyas, sanganeer block prints too.

Latest bandhani sarees collection

Source: shatika.co.in

Kota Doria

Kota doria too is a famous sari type in rajasthan, and much a competitor to the bandhej clan. This is because just as the bandhej is hand designed, the kota doria sarees are hand-woven with characteristic squares and checks for patterns.

Kota doria sarees

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What We Love About The Bandhej Look

The bandhej look has motifs in tie and dye. The patterns emulate flora and fauna, bells, jaals, creepers and mythological scenes too. Each dot and knot on the bandhej saree has a name for it, for example the ekdali, or one knot! The three knotted dotted bandhej sari is called the trikunti and the four knotted ones would be the chaubundi.

Bandhej saree

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Patterns galore, the famous ones at all times would be the mountainous Shikargarh, or the web like Jaaldar and the wonderful vine like twang, the Beldaar!

Bandhej saree patterns

Source: fashionkafatka.com

Other famous styles are the Dungar Shahi, representing the mountains,

Dungar shahi style saree

Source: craftingluxurylifestyle.com

You could also opt for the Chaubasi

Chaubasi bandhej saree

Source: shopclues.net

The Tikunthi designs are with squares and circles that are grouped in a three-way pattern

Tikunthi bandhej saree

Source: shatika.co.in

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For the lady who loves everything luxe and seven star, the Satbandi bandhej is the best to wear

Satbandi bandhej

Source: shopify.com

One could even think of the Boond designed saree, which has a small dot on a dark fabricated sari

Boond designed saree

Source: niksnbins.co.in

Other famous options are the Kodi, resembling a drop of water or a teardrop

Teardrop bandhani sarees

Source: xyer.co

For the sweetest touch next Spring, the Laddu Jalebi swirls on the sarees would be so fine!

Bandhani saree collection

Source: jaypore.com

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Leheriya Waves

Apart from the bandhani saree designs, the leheriya waves on sarees are well-known and worn in plenty by the women in Rajasthan. The leheriya waves as the name suggests symbolize the waves of the ocean.

Bandhani and leheriya sarees

Source: blogspot.com

Famous colours used for bandhani and leheriya sarees are pink, green, yellow, reds and maroons.

Bandhani sarees patterns

The latest bandhani sarees collection with varied colours has a meaning for them all. For example, if you choose red, you may just be asked if you are a new-bride or a bride-to-be.

Should your saree have a yellowish touch or a yellow backdrop, it would mean you are a new mom.

Yellow bandhej saree

Source: fashionzdesign.com

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Some also say, the colours you choose from the latest bandhani sarees collection denotes the community you come or hail from.

Rajasthan bandhani saree

Source: lycheefashions.com

So, here were the famous types of saris from the latest bandhani sarees collection as known to the world. We want to know how many of you wear bandhej or bandhani saris, and where do you shop from for the same, should you not be in Rajasthan.

Latest bandhani saree

Source: indianramp.com

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