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Best Orange Lipstick to Dress up your Lips

by Fashionlady
Best Orange Lipstick

Best Orange Lipstick

Orange is the new Black? Yes, that’s the name of the TV series. But did you know that orange lipstick is now one of the favourite colours to be sported by Indian women?

Look at this woman rocking an amazing orange pout!

How to wear orange lipstick

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Many Indian women would shy away from the prospect of wearing something so bright because they thought it wouldn’t suit their skin tone. But we are here to argue with you! In fact, orange looks delicious on Indian skin tone. We agree, it especially pops out on a very fair skin tone, like this lady below but it looks equally good on our Indian beauties too! We have got some of the best orange lipstick collections for you to choose from.

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You will know how to wear orange lipstick and the best lipstick shades available in our country

So, let’s get started!

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lip Color in Incandescente

Price: $35

This one glides like magic and leaves your lips supple and smooth. It’s Chanel after all! This one is basically for ladies who have a little pale undertone in their skins. The lipstick is available mostly and exclusively in Chanel showrooms. Don’t forget to ask for a demo for this one. Though it may be a little expensive, this one can last you an entire day!

Different shades of orange lipsticks

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Bobbi Brown, Atomic Orange

Price: $27

This one is a neon shade and pops up beautifully on a pale skin tone with a hint of bronzer. Among the different shades of orange lipsticks for a pale skin, this one is perhaps the best orange lipstick ever!
It’s smooth and is extremely moisturizing. This one is going to keep your lips from getting cracked and dry for a very long time.

Orange lipstick brands

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Faces Stockholm Lipstick, Sunflower

Price: $22

This is for the women who have an olive skin tone, or are a little tanned. This lipstick is not neon like its predecessors and comes in a matte form. It looks gorgeous with very minimal makeup and some rouge on your cheeks. And the price is quite affordable too!

Orange lipsticks shades

Source: whatiwouldbuy.com

Chambor orange lipstick

Source: beautyandmakeupmatters.com

M.A.C So Chaud

Price: $22

M.A.C’s range of cosmetics offers some of the best orange lipstick shades. Whether it is matte, or glossy or sheer, M.A.C will never disappoint you! It is in fact the best orange lipstick that you can find in this price range. It is vibrant and suits Indian skin tone perfectly. Just one application is enough to give a good shine and colour. If you are starting off with orange, it is best to start off with this colour because it will give you quite the confidence to enter the orange lipstick family.

This is what it looks like on Indian skin tone

Best orange lipstick shades

Source: pinterest.com

Now that you have seen all the orange lipstick shades, head to your nearest store to try one!

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