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15 Blonde Hair Colors To Highlight Your Tresses

by Fashionlady
Blonde Hair Colors

Shades Of Blonde

Tired of your current hair color? Looking for an interesting change that could totally change your appeal? Why not go for blonde hair colors? It will come about as a fresh upgrade to your ongoing look.

The color blonde isn’t the typical golden colour hair you see; it covers a vast array of shades – from golden blonde to dark brown blonde. So you have many choices to select one from. But this doesn’t mean you can just dye your tresses any color you wish, the hue has to blend in with your skin tone.

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Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Shades Of Blonde Hair Color Ideas

You could either color your whole hair blonde, or just decide to put on highlights. And that’s why we’re here, to guide you through the spectrum of blonde hair colors for 2016 as well as give some blonde hair color ideas.

1. Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Shade: The lightest hue amongst the blonde collection.

Suitable Skin Tone: Fair skinned women or women with medium skin tones having a yellowish tincture.

Suitable Eye Color: Bright blue or brown eye color.

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Blonde Hair Colors for Pale Skin

2. Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Paler color of blonde with a blanched or gray tinge.

Suitable Skin Tone: Ladies having a lighter complexion

Suitable Eye Color: Lighter eye colors.

Blonde Hair Colors for 2016

3. Natural Blonde Hair Color

Shade: hair color that looks like you had it since birth.

Suitable Skin Tone: Complexion should duplicate the skin color

Suitable Eye Color: Not so necessary.

Suitable Eye Color: Any eye color

Buttery Blonde Hair Color

5. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Shade: diluted reddish-blonde tint that gives the snug color of sunset. Strawberry blonde hair color is one of the best among blonde hair colors.

Suitable Skin Tone: Fair skin

Suitable Eye Color: Lighter eye colors

Strawberry Blonde Hair Clor

6. Beige Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Has a darker base but with light highlights.

Suitable Skin Tone: Medium skin tones, except ashy or orange-ish complexion and with dark hair color.

Suitable Eye Color: Dark eye hue

Ideas For Blonde Hair Color

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7. Silver Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Grayish tint

Suitable Skin Tone: Tow-headed complexions

Suitable Eye Color: Light eye colors, like blue or green

Silver Blonde Hair Color

8. Summer Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Champagne-like tincture that can have a sand brownish base and radiant highlights.

Suitable Skin Tone: Pale to medium complexions

Suitable Eye Color: Any Eye Color


Summer Blonde Hair Color

9. Creamy Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Whiter hue of blonde

Suitable Skin Tone: Medium to dark skin colors

Suitable Eye Color: Dark colored eye such as brown or black.

Creamy Blonde Hair Color

10. Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Medium type of blonde with tints of wheat-ish color through it.

Suitable Skin Tone: Medium skin color.

Suitable Eye Color: Green or brown eyes

Dirty Blonde Hair Color

11. Honey Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Mild and lustrous look

Suitable Skin Tone: Medium skin coloration

Suitable Eye Color: Dark eye colors such as brown or black.

Honey Blonde Hair Color

12. Bronze Creamy Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Beachy-looking tint

Suitable Skin Tone: Medium, Brownish flush

Suitable Eye Color: Light to medium eye color such as blue, gray or light brown

Blonde Hair Color Guide

13. Golden Blonde Hair Color

Shade: An amalgam of the color of butter, gold and honey

Suitable Skin Tone: Fair complexion

Suitable Eye Color: Light eye colors for instance pale blue or hazel

Golden Blonde Hair Color

14. Ash Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Overcast shade of silver-like blonde. Brilliant for ladies having naturally dark darker hair

Suitable Skin Tone: Darker skin hue

Suitable Eye Color: Dark eye color

Ash Blonde Hair Color

15. Sandy Blonde Hair Color

Shade: Rich yet delicate tinge of blonde

Suitable Skin Tone: Light complexion

Suitable Eye Color: Light eyes such as blue, hazel or violet.

Sandy Blonde Hair Color

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Blonde Hair Color Guide

  • Whatever your hair color; it is most suitable to dye either 2 shades lighter or darker from it.
  • If you have pale or fair skin the blonde shade will be more appropriate. For ladies will a darker complexion it will create a complete contrast between skin and hair.
  • Consider your eye color, as for some eye colors some blonde hues go better than for others.
  • Keep in mind the look you are going for; natural, bold or tanned? The colors vary accordingly.
  • Spawn a proper understanding of what you want from your hair stylist. Even listen to what they suggest, as they are trained to know what color will be most advisable.

So go get the gorgeous blonde hair colors for fair skin and blonde hair colors for pale skin too! Style your tresses and make your precious locks stand out even more!

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