Check Mate Folks: The Scoop On Wearing Checks Right!


Check Mate Folks: The Scoop On Wearing Checks Right!
Should you wear them with suits in solid-colours or just pin-stripes? What about windowpane plaids and ties? At a loss and don’t know how to doll and dress up in checks? Checkmate folksies – here’s the scoop.

What’s okay!

Mixing patterns are a rage in 2015, stripes and checks, stripes on stripes – but do you know how to mix and match them to finesse? Some of us have the in-built talent of getting it right, while the rest are an eye-sore!

mixing patterns

Rule of the thumb

When involving patterns- your shirt, tie or your suit should be plain or solid colours. As a great dresser, wearing a striped suit with a stripe shirt and a tie embossed with polka dots – absolutely hot! However, wearing too many solids wouldn’t look bad; but can be monotonous! So if you plan on checks with stripes or stripes on stripes; create amplitude of difference. For example, chalk-striped suits with a pin-stripe shirt, why not? Big compliments small!

rule of the thumb

Bye-bye tartans

Winters saw plenty of tartan fashion; but now as Spring 2015 arrives, we look at checks to balance the fashion books. Checks have the power to emboss various connotations – retro and chic, indie and hideous too- but fun for sure. So here are some ways to wear your checks and to get checked by the special someone too!

Move on from the past

Bring back the 1950s gingham style, checks that were modern and crisp, floating into the early 60s with élan and grace- streamlined patterns for sure. Tweed coats are perfect to wear; choose one with black trimmings and short detailing – the checks would look lean and long; creating an illusion of mean and lean you.

move on from the past

A lil retro to set the mood

Once again the gingham style is making its comeback; a little retro is a must in 2015. You do not have to wear a ‘full-on-skirted’ dress as they did back then, a check blouse would do; pair it with denims or a skirt- very vintage!

retro look

Smart tailoring with checks

You’d find a lot of grungy and baggy checks at the fashion scene doing the rounds, but what you really need is smart tailoring for that dapper look- avoid the blanket trails. A streamlined midi-skirt on a fitted bodice and waist; the best alternative to a floral midi skirt!

Smart tailoring with checks

Em’ check trousers

Blouses to dresses, skirts to shirts, now trousers too – back to square one in 2015 – chic and sexy check trousers rule most wardrobes- cigarette trousers especially. They are less boring and in-your-face. The next best thing to wearing jeans; flaunt them baby!

em check trousers

Colours for spring

Say goodbye to the plain-old-boring-black-and-white-checks; colours for 2015 spring should be your mantra. Think more than white and red or white and blue, think different; neon colours for example- bright and light and you won’t have people going bonkers with deceptive illusions created.

colors for spring

Balance the checks

Add glamour to the plain old check shirt, taking cues from the French – a regular check shirt with a dapper leather skirt is dressy enough to flatter and burn the dance floors this weekend.

balance the checks

Let’s play mix-n-match

Check with other patterns? Why not! But ensure not to look like a ‘reject pile’ from the sales at the local stores. A sundress in check with emo or cartoon characters on it, flora and fauna embossments as well; sexy and nice!

lets play mix and match

So here were some of the fun ways which we brought forth to you; dolling up in checks can be better if only you’d let your imagination and innovation run wild.
There are no hard-and-fast rules to follow as such; just ensure you don’t overdo it, and yes, create your own style statement. Pssst, we’d like to check you out too!


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