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15 Chic Eye Makeup For Summer Wedding

by Fashionlady
Eye Makeup For Summer Wedding

Eye Makeup For Summer Wedding

With summers hitting big time across the nation and the heat wave taking over, the big fat Indian wedding isn’t taking a backseat. The shor sharaba, the music, the dances and the gorgeous eye makeup for summer wedding at any cost must be flaunted. This is why we are here to give you a mini tutorial that you could try and emulate on the eye makeup for summer weddings- for the bridesmaids this time. Even if you aren’t a bridesmaid as such and are just an attendee, along with the tutorial we would want you to check out the fifteen other dramatic looks that you could wear with any party ensemble.

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A Mini Tutorial On Eye Makeup For Wedding In Summer

With regard to the eye makeup for wedding, we would look at semi warm colors for the day and a little shimmer thrown in the warm colors for the night, with a touch of cool toned shades. The reason why we would not advise wearing only cool toned shades during the day is because a grayish tinge and hue would come through, making you look tanned and dead.

For The Summer Eye Makeup 2018 Tutorial Here Are The Steps!

  1. Use a reputed deep cleanser to clean your skin
  2. Use a reputed toner to tone the skin, and
  3. Use a reputed moisturizer to pamper and nourish the skin.
Eye Makeup For Wedding

Source: shumailas.com

Once this is done, wait for a few seconds and then go ahead with the following-

  1. Start by applying the base foundation, one shade lighter to your skin tone, and blend it well with a sponge and a foundation brush.
  2. The next step would be to dab a little water with the help of a damp sponge to allow perfect blending to set in.
  3. Now that your foundation is set, we would start with the eyebrow correction.
  4. Use a light brown eyeshadow or a light black shade to fill the eyebrows- be very careful with the strokes here or else the shadow would make the brows look arched and too starky.
  5. Once the eyebrow correction is done, with the help of Vaseline, set and seal the brows to perfection.

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Summer Eye Makeup 2016

Source: pinterest.com

For The Eyelids

  1. Start by applying a matte white or peach shade of eyeshadow all over the eyelids to set the base.
  2. We would suggest using browns and golds for summer weddings, in lightest shades to keep the look natural.
  3. The inner corner of the eyelid to the mid section of the eyes should have the lightest neutral brown applied.
  4. The mid section to the outer corner of the eyes is where you would use a tinge of gold and form a soft V at the outer corner end. This is where you stop, since the almond shape is formed.
  5. With the help of an eyebrow blending brush, blend the two until the perfect gradient is formed.
  6. Just below the eyebrow, use a peach eyeshadow in matte tones to highlight the zone, ending at the crease line.
  7. Now use a dark pencil in black to draw the eyeliner- thin from the inner corner of the eyes and thicker as it touches the outer corner.
  8. Use black eyeshadow for the lower lash line for the sultry touch, smudging it into the kohl line of the lower lash line to create a sultry effect.
  9. Finally, apply two coats of mascara on the upper lash line and one coat for the lower lash line.
  10. Dab translucent powder to absorb excess oil all over the face, and use a buffer brush to set the look.
Summer Wedding Makeup Looks

Source: stylesgap.com

More Options On Summer Wedding Makeup Looks

We hope the mini tutorial on how to get the summer wedding look, fast and easy comes in handy. Here are fifteen chic and very trendy summer wedding looks to try!

1. Brown And Copper Eyes

Avoid Makeup Meltdown At Summer

Source: pinterest.com

2. Plum Arabic Inspiration

Bridal Makeup in Summer

Source: weddingseve.com

3. Winged Flick Eyes

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Wedding Makeup in Summer

Source: stylesgap.com

Wedding Eye Makeup in Summer

Source: youtube.com

6. Half Lined Smokey Eyes

Indian Bride Eye Makeup in Summer

Source: pinterest.com

7. Brown And Steel Gray Eyes

Eye Makeup for Bride

Source: 24fashiongirl.com

8. Sultry Maroon Eyes

Indian Bridal Makeup

Source: geotauaisay.com


9. Sultry Teal Eyes

Summer Wedding Makeup

Source: wallpapersxl.com

10. Dark Kohl Rimmed Eyes

Wedding Makeup

Source: pinterest.com

11. Peachy Triple Toned Neutral Pink Eyes

Bridal Makeup

Source: 24fashiontrend.com

12. Neutral Warm Toned Eyes For Day Weddings

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Bridal Eye Makeup in Summer

Source: pinterest.com

13. Double Lined Eyes

Indian Wedding Makeup

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

14. Plum Ombre Eyes

Bridal Eye Makeup in Summer Wedding

Source: weddingsonline.in

15. Subtle Shimmery Eyes

Eye Makeup in Summer Wedding

Source: youtube.com

Please note, although we didn’t advise cool shades for the day, we would leave it up to you for the decision to make. Also remember to check our posts on how to Avoid Makeup Meltdown At Summer parties, weddings and events!

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