10 Chic Spice Girls 90s Hairstyles – We Really Miss Them


90s Hairstyles

Nostalgia galore, the 90s was a time when women ruled the fashion scene in very nonchalant ways. Caring two hoots about the societal norms and way they wanted to wear their fashion, women went out in total glam, dolling up as they pleased.

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Most 90s womens hairstyles
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From permed locks to flowing bangs, chic hairdos ruled the 90s Hairstyles and look. One such epitome of beauties or a bevy of them we must mention was the pop band founded in the UK, the SPICE GIRLS. Reminiscing the If You Want To Be My Lover number, are we? How can we forget the 90s Hairstyles sported by the Spice Girls back in the days when crop tops and baggies were the norm amongst PYTs. The Spice Girls have long quit the group that was so famous, God knows why! But if you are reading this dear hearts, we want you back on the scene and with more of the 90s Hairstyles and fashion statements to flaunt this time, please!

Popular 90s womens hairstyles
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Hairstyles Of The 90s

As teens and now most of us in our 30s, we would remember how sad it was to hear about the Spice Girls split, don’t we? And they came to India as well, dolling up in salwars, saris and indo-western numbers, performing across the metropolitan cities of the nation. The Spice Girls in their rocking hairstyles of the 90s, sure had the party scene going wild for us.

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Victoria Beckham

Ever since 1997, Posh Spice or Victoria Beckham, one of the singers with the group showed us how to play along with hairstyles.

90s Hairstyles for women
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She never stuck to one signature look as such, and sources say her wigs and extensions if sold could easily buy a home?

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Victoria-victoria-beckham Hair style
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From the blunt bob cuts to the quaint POBS and the number of times she sported the glam pixie touch, the list is unending we say.

Popular womens hairstyles
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She didn’t stop at the short hair looks in the 90s, because there were times when she went rapunzel with hair extensions, soft curls, dark black long straight hair and more.

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Top womens hairstyles
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Victoria also sported loose waves, the frizzy look and more. Ahh the 90s Hairstyles for women, and Victoria did it the best!

Geri Halliwell

Also called Ginger Spice, her auburn, sunburnt reddish-blonde hair highlights stole many a scene out there.

90s Hair Trends
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Boy did she make a daring statement with the wild-yet-old-glam-world-bouffant hairdo back then in the 90s.

Hairstyles for Womens
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From shoulder length blonde touches to the light blonde looks now that she sports, Geri Halliwell or Ginger Spice always kept her hair yellow and screaming orange, straight and sometimes with loose waves too.

90s hairstyle
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Effortless was her style, and yet the diva kept her curves to flaunt with ubiquitous tresses to doll up in!


90s Hair
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Messy and nonchalant in her hairstyle, Emma taught us more than just how to doll up using her sense of 90s Hairstyles for women.

90s womens hairstyle
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Mel C

Also known as Sporty Spice, Melanie C or Mel C as she wanted to be addressed, made an edgy sporty look her signature style.

Famous Womens Hairstyles
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The no-nonsense singer back in the 90s was the epitome of woman power, strength and with a clarified mindset when it comes to fashion (of her own).

Top 90s womens hairstyles
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Straight long dark locks, sleek ponytails, short bob cuts at times, and 90s hairstyles on her that matched the elegant yet power packed look, was the forte of Mel C.

Famous 90s womens hairstyles
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Mel B

Wonder why the media named her ‘SCARY SPICE’, she wasn’t scary to look at, at all!

Womens Hairstyles
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What we loved about the 90s womens hairstyles she sported was the long-dark hair, tight curls that fell over the nape of her neck and her shoulders, and highlights that brought about a glam touch to her ever so wild personality.

Boisterous as she was on screen, Mel B, was the reason why many PYTs with darker skin tones and curls, learnt the right way to flaunt their beauty!

Womens Best Hairstyles
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Come back oh dear hearts, we need more of the 90s womens hairstyles and lessons to learn from you PYTs.


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