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Crown Tattoos: A Royal Form Of Body Art You Could Try

by Fashionlady
Crown Tattoo Meaning

Crown Tattoos

Whoever said crown is meant to be worn on the head? Get it inked in the form of crown tattoo and quite likely you will go places.

Going by the very word, crown tattoo means royalty. Well, many of you could think that crown tattoo is a copyright of kings and queens.

But that’s not the case. If I were to tell you the list of crown tattoo is not only about king and queen crown tattoos, it extends from princess crown tattoo, girl crown tattoos, to tiara tattoo, princess tiara tattoo, latin kings crown tattoo, crown tattoo on chest, crown neck tattoo, crown tattoo on shoulder, crown tattoo behind ear, crown tattoo on wrist, crown outline tattoo, triple crown tattoo, even tribal crown tattoo, skull with crown tattoo, then your whole thinking about crown tattoo meaning could go for a makeover. Goes to show how female crown tattoos are so vast and diverse.

King And Queen Crown Tattoos

Yes, in all wisdom, crown finger tattoo or lion with crown tattoo is usually worn by the royal family. It obviously means it represents power, supremacy and wealth. Most people wearing crown tattoo think that wearing them will help them reach the heights they want to achieve.

Tracing The Crown Tattoo

For centuries, crowns have been in the tattoo imagery. Ancient civilisations saw crowns as a way of symbolising their leaders. Which explains the crown symbol meaning!

Not just men, even women have opted for it. Today, the crown tattoo has seen many variations. Not only can it be made in a simple way, even embellishments can be added to it in the form of crystals, diamonds and jewels.

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There are both masculine and feminine versions of crown tattoo. If there is a queen crown tattoo, princess crown tattoo, and Latin kings crown tattoo, there is his and hers crown tattoos also.

Princess Crown Tattoo

Meanings Of Crown Tattoo

Being the symbol of many cultures, crown tattoos have many meanings. Some of them are easy to expect – power, authority, leadership, ownership, control.

Other meanings include divine inspiration, Jesus, Christianity, good luck, immortality.

Types Of Crown Tattoos

Whether it is small crown tattoos, crown name tattoos or royal crown tattoo, the galaxy of crown tattoos is vast. Let us check out some.

1. Small Black Crowns

The black crown tattoo is usually placed inside the wrist. The good thing about it is that it can be inked on your arm or the back of your neck.

Tribal Crown Tattoo

2. Large Crowns With Stones

Small can be made big provided it is done so. Large and detailed crown tattoos can be designed starting from simple halos to elaborate velvet crowns with precious stones. It call depends on your taste and style.


4. Crown Tattoo With Lion

Crown stands for lion in zodiac sign. Since lion is the king of the jungle, crown is the symbol of a king. Which is why crown tattoo with lion is largely picked for zodiac reasons so that one can get the extended feeling of power, strength and supremacy.

Royal Crown Tattoo

So how did you find the concept of crown tattoo? Which one would you like to get inked? Drop us your likes and views in the comments. Remember, whichever crown tattoo you choose should gel with your personality and individuality, not make you feel out of the place.

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