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Deos For Women – Choosing The Best Deo

by Fashionlady
Best Smelling Deodorants for Women

Best Deodorant for Women
Our television screens are flooded with ads, with models and celebs talking about ‘gas containers’ in the garb of deos and sprays. As a commoner, how would we know what deodorant would be the right one to wear, and if the container is indeed filled with natural stuff or not? Sweat and body odour in this godforsaken heat can be marring to any woman’s self-confidence. We women would like to wear our sleeveless couture, at work or at play, sans the worries of the smells. The confidence of lifting our arms while helping around shouldn’t be any time low. While some deos promise to be waterproof, there are others that claim to stop sweating. And this is exactly what confuses the herd of PYTs out there- so let’s make it easy for you with these tips and guidelines! Here are some best deodorants for women.

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Guidelines when buying a deodorant

  • If a deo takes long to dry, you shouldn’t buy- clothes would be messed with and discomfort to the body is but obvious in this case
  • Quick drying deos are best to buy- no skin irritation and allergies to deal with, because of the chemicals and ingredients that attach itself to the skin with long drying deos
  • An anti-perspirant should be chosen, which would block the ducts in the skin and wouldn’t let you sweat and smell awful as well.

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Best Deodorants

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Should I pick a scented deodorant?

From very strong ones to the mild scents, the brands out there have their own signature aromas and wafts to shower you with. With the summers beating hard and like no one’s business, it is but torture to the body- odours especially, grime and sweat as a bonus, not wanted. While there is that perfect blissful and very heavenly smell for the day to bask in, the strong wafts could or would offend people around, especially at work. Deos that have strong to mild smells, are those that are induced with an overload of aromas in them. This could lead to allergies of the skin and respiratory system. Think before you buy!


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How to Choose the Best Deodorant

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What about the unscented deodorants?

While the chemical composition in unscented deo brands are likely to be lesser than the scented ones, they are still effective for the body grooming needs and pleasant by nature to imbibe daily. Most women often use unscented deos when using a costly perfume, to dilute and disrupt the genuine smell of their expensive affair. A mix of the two would bring out a horrible smell though, but sometimes when lucky, you may smell like a daisy. If you have sensitive skin, the ingredients wouldn’t pose threat. While you may feel fresh using an unscented deodorant, only choose reputed brands and nothing else!

Most Popular Deodorants Brands for woman

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Sensitive skin should be treated with care, and without saying one should pick deos that have very mild to no scents in them. Heavy scented deos for women can cause skin issues and irritation, so choose fragrance free options. We hope this mini-guide helps you to choose the right deodorant!

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