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Dos And Don’ts While Choosing A Colored Contact Lens

by Fashionlady
Choosing Colored Contact Lens

The colored contact lens is a bold move, if you are experimentalist and somebody who likes to make a bold statement, colored contact lenses are a good go. The choice of contact lenses can be for many reasons, avoiding glasses to matching with the outfit of a particular occasion. There are many popular brands that offer colored lenses solotica natural colors mel, solotica natural colors ocre are popular among the solotica lenses. Colored lenses have different effects on different people. Different features of lenses such as optical, tonality, size or limbal ring give different looks to the wearer. Skintone and hair color of the wearer also gives varied effects once worn.

Choosing Colored Contact Lens


Fair skin means the world is fair, and the products are fair, that’s not an exaggeration, the beauty of fair skin is, it gives the chance to outshine whatever is used on it, most of the colored contact lens will go well with the fair skin types. Be it the vampire look, of a dreamy gray or green eyes, dark colors make an excellent statement with the white skin tone


For the brown skin, this is usually appreciated, few people work very hard to acquire this shade by tanning. Well, this color comes with a little restriction, few shades such as hazel, green, honey, grey or dark blue shades help blend in naturally, complimenting the skin tone at the same time making a statement, while another color can also opt but the only side effect is they might look unnatural or artificial.


The most beautiful women (sexy) women are dusky skinned. They have a natural aura which can be elevated with very minor enhancement. What more can one adds to something that is naturally beautiful right? This skin type can choose most of the colors excluding bright colors like pink, aqua etc, rather than balancing these colors stand out and make an individual statement of their own, leaving the look incomplete.



Along with the skin tone, there is another factor before considering the colored contact lenses for your eye, hair. There are different types of hair colors, from dark brown to black, blond to light colored hair. The brown hairs can carry many colored contact lenses given a very natural look; very few lenses don’t go with the brown hair. For blond and light hair dark colored contact lens gives a natural feel, light colors can also be worn but might give an aloof look should be balanced with makeup to complete the look. For black hair opt for cool color or duel colored lens. They make very subtle yet an amazing statement if looking for more natural look go for browns that are closer to the eye color, or pink, purple, blues make an interesting complement statement to the black hair.

Along with skin color and hair, there are different other factors which effect the look, like lighting, dress, makeup and the time etc. and the most important factor is confidence.

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