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Fashion Mistakes Women Make That Make Them Look Short

by Fashionlady
Fashion Mistakes Women Make

Fashion Mistakes Women Make

A good height is something most girls see as a core physical feature but the truth is not many girls are naturally blessed with a good height. If you are one of those girls who wants to look taller without having to deal with the hassles of unsure alternative therapies and medicinal courses, you will just have to learn about how to dress right. You need to know which patterns or designs give you your desired look and elevation.

Fashion Tips For Short Women

Source: womenshealthmag.com

There are some dire fashion mistakes women make that can even make the tallest of girls look short and stumpy. To avoid this, you should know what to mix with what and how to make them all look good together. In this article, we are going to walk you through some of the trendiest fashion tips for short women that prove that you don’t need to necessarily be tall to look tall. With the right choice of clothing and accessories, you could be whatever you want, given that you take some proper guidance and that’s what we are here for. Read on to find out more.

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Fashion Tips For Short Women

Dress up this way to look taller

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1. The Wrong Shoes

Yes! Most obviously shoes play an important role if you want to appear taller. But, guess what! If you don’t choose the right type of shoes you might actually look shorter. If you want to appear taller you should certainly be avoiding shoes with ankle straps or high vamps. Technically speaking, opting for shoes that expose your feet is a guaranteed way to create an illusion of longer legs and a taller you.

Fashion Tips For Short Women

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2. Big Bags

Big bags are quite the trend now, right? Oddly, these large bags might give you a trendy look but can easily make you look shorter for a fact. If you are someone who is keen on looking tall, you should go for chic and small handbags that enhance your entire look. Big bags are one of the fashion mistakes to avoid if you are short since big bags can actually make you look timid. Cute satchels, messenger bags or perky slings balance out almost any outfit without affecting your height negatively.

Fashion For Short Women

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3. The Wrong Skirt Length

Skirts maybe our all-time favorites when it comes to a day out with our friends or family, but they come in so many different styles, cuts and patterns that it gets quite confusing while making the right choice. Wearing the right kind of skirt may make you look picture perfect but the wrong ones might completely ruin your look and to the horror of many girls, make you look shorter! It is always best to be aware of your body type while choosing a skirt for yourself. For example, if you are a little short, avoiding full midi skirts and ankle length skirts might be a great idea. The base rule is straight forward – either keep it short and simple above the knee or opt for the longer floor-length skirts.

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Source: wardrobelooks.com

Source: wardrobelooks.com

4. Haircuts

The list gets more interesting as we introduce our next one on the list. And who could have thought? Haircuts! To much of your surprise (and ours) haircuts do affect our height. You might be in love with your lovely long tresses, but long unkempt hair does make you look shorter. You could alternatively go for hairstyles that show off your neck as it adds an illusion of height.

Short hair

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5. Wearing Loose Tops With Loose Bottoms

Just the mention of oversized clothing brings in the idea of comfort to our heads. Beyond that, oversized clothes are in fashion now. The problem starts when you want to mix this into fashion for short women. If you overdo the oversized thingy, it will definitely make you look shorter than your normal height. So it’s best to ardently go by the loose-tight equation; pair a loose top with a tight fitted bottom or vice versa.

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Oversized colthes

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