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International Bridal Fashion Trends That Indian Designers Should Inculcate In Their Designs

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Yes, it is that time of the year again when bridal fashion weeks would start in India. And, we would be shown a flood of fashion statements in the name of bridal fashion, by eminent brands and designers. But you know what? We aren’t really going to fall for it this time, not when the new-age Indian bride aspirants want more. Hearing all of that, we thus looked across seven seas that have had their bridal fashion weeks, and reveled in the latest wedding fashion trends too. Believe us when we say, our Indian designers could take a cue on the extremities of minimalism and feminine touches that each of the gowns brought about. We couldn’t believe our eyes that the wedding fashion scene could be so chic and yet so light.

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International Bridal Trends To Follow

Make It Lighter

Nowadays, the Indian bride doesn’t want to carry any kind of baggage at her wedding. This is why we bring to you fashionable international bride looks which are on the lines of Espanola inspiration, mersmerizing 3D floral appliqués and sheers all the way. It was a season that didn’t run short of new and very innovative designs. We believe, if the same were innovated more upon or emulated a bit, it would make the Indian brides bloom like princesses too!

Designer Wedding Dresses

Plenty Of Layers

Layers galore, and don’t we see too much of that in the Indian bridal scene too? But here is a difference; the presentation mattered. From frilly capes to Spanish inspired numbers, designers such as the eminent Oscar De La Renta stunned us all with their awe-inspiring layered bridal outfits.

Indian Wedding Fashion

Another stunning number that could make waves with the Indian bridal fashion for inspiration sake would be the one seen at Monique Lhuillier – the asymmetrical skirt which has plenty of dimensions and optical illusions, along with volume too. Proof that dress shapes indeed were haute factors to make bridal trends roar in 2016.

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Wedding Dress Styles

It Was 3D All The Way

An important etherized texture was the 3D touch with florals, and it popped across the runways with delicate organza appliqués, crystals, beads and blooms. Courtesy of course goes to designers namely Naeem Khan and Reem Acra for the same.


International Brides

Lovely Sheers

We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to stop here, but shall inform you more of the play of illusionary touches. Ethereal turns with sensual line ups in sheers courtesy Inbal Dror and Theia and as seen at Christos too. A little edge with lingerie type inspiration though, the silky slip up gowns made the mark with delicate laces gracing the wedding dress trends across the international bridal fashion weeks.

Wedding Dress Trends For Womens

Soft Delicate Touches

Yes, indeed the softness was seen on every ensemble churned out, which not only worked wonders but was also pleasing to the eyes. Gowns with feathers, peplum gowns with no shoulders, embellished waistlines, tiered skirts, tulle layers and more, do not miss out on watching the wedding dress styles for 2016.

Best Bedding Dress Styles

3D-Floral Appliqués

A staple bridal standby which our designers in India should incorporate more off; 3D is what rules the name of romanticism game when it comes to modernizing the Indian bridal scene with a touch of all things traditional – floral appliqués anyone?

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