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Fashion & Technology: The Combination Revolutionizing Our Way Of Life

by Fashionlady
Fashion and Technology Revolution

The fashion industry has one of the greatest technological edges of our era smart clothes.

Fashion and Technology Revolution

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Fashion and Technology:

The ongoing technological revolution has transformed many areas of our life, and fashion is also one of them.

There have been some rapid changes in this sector that resulted, among other things, in the development of stain-resistant and anti-wrinkle T-shirts capable of regulating your body temperature.

It is projected that we will soon be able to select garments not only for their aesthetics but also for the functionality they provide.

Smart Clothes:

Outfits with a Mind of their Own:

In 2014, Tommy Hilfiger introduced a jacket that could capture solar energy and charge your devices. In 2017, Google and Levi’s presented a jacket that made it possible for its wearers to enable or disable specific functions on some devices; Nike launched T-shirts that can supply athletes with data about their body status; OMsignal released a bra that records distance traveled, as well as respiratory and cardiac frequencies.

There are also garments that inform us of the calories we burn, the exercises we do, and our heart rate.

It is safe to say now that clothes of the future will be highly technological. For example, the fabrics of our outfits might be able to change color, design, and functionality, depending on our emotional state. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to buy essay cheap just by rubbing your sleeve?

Future of Smart Fabrics:

A team of researchers at the University of Tarragona has developed sensors capable of detecting chemicals present in human sweat or urine. After identifying them, they analyze the obtained data and send it to any electronic device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

The same scientists came up with diaper sensors that inform parents of any health problems their baby may have. According to Francisco Andrade, the head researcher, this is a quick, simple, and economical solution that can be available on the market in less than five years.


However, not everything the technology has to offer is readily marketable either because of its expensiveness or unattractiveness for potential consumers. What already seems real is that clothing can detect health irregularities well before a disease reaches more advanced stages. What it means is that we can have real-time and constant control over our body by only wearing a piece of garment.

The University of Sussex is already developing smart pajamas that can control the vital signs of babies by recording and transmitting any changes.

There are also smart nightwear for adults capable of monitoring patients with dementia. They can also accelerate muscle recovery by using infrared waves and taking advantage of body heat.


In less than five years, we will see some significant changes in the textile industry. Thanks to that, we’ll get new products capable of ensuring our comfort, health, and emotional state.

It is projected that technological innovations will change the very concept of fashion and lead to the so-called “smart consumption.” The transformation will require cooperation between technical and industrial companies, as well as the development of new applications.

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