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Five Things A Beauty Fanatic Would Hate To Hear

by Fashionlady
beauty Fanatic

Five Things that a beauty Fanatic Would Hate To Hear
Everybody has that one friend who is so into makeup and beauty products; who wears makeup on a daily basis (from foundation to blush to eye shadow). That friend who would not dream of stepping out of her house without all her makeup essentials in her handbag, easily accessible for regular touch-ups. If you know someone like that (or are someone like that), then you probably know that there are a lot of innocently said things that are sure to annoy/insult a beauty fanatic.

Here, we’ve condescend the list and have listed five very potent things that a beauty fanatic would hate to hear.

1. You know, I’m not sure I could identify you without your makeup.

Okay so maybe she does wear her makeup 24/7 and you really have not seen her without any makeup on. That still doesn’t mean you can make a statement like this. While you might mean it in a fun, teasing way, it is sure to go down as a mean insult. Beauty fanatics know that they are a little too obsessed with makeup; you don’t need to point it out to them.

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2. Ooo.. What’s with the fancy makeup, got a hot date or something?

You have now officially entered dangerous territory. Beauty fanatics love to try out new products and makeup techniques. For all you know, she could have just bought some new products and decided to try it on for no specific reason. Making her feel overly made up is a sure fire way to get in her black list. If you have something totally positive to say, like “I love your makeup” that’s fine. If not, then be well aware that you are treading on thin ice.

fancy makeup

Source: anokhimedia.com

3. Why no makeup today? Are you not well?

This will have her shooting daggers at you. Especially if she was trying to go for the barely-there or nude makeup look and thinking that she had nailed it, which is when you ruined it all for her. Maybe she’s sick or maybe she’s not. Refrain from commenting on her lack of makeup. If she is indeed sick, chances are, she’ll mention it and then you can be the concerned friend and ask her all about it.


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Source: fashionising.com

4. That’s an unusual colour.

That is a very vague statement. You’re going to leave your friend fretting about whether you meant it in a good way or a bad way. Unusual could either mean unusual and nice or unusual and weird. So this statement will most definitely not endear you to the beauty fanatic.

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5. That would look ridiculous on me, but you totally carry it off

This is thinly veiled insult that basically means “That is gaudy makeup that I would never wear, but it is so typically you”. It means that you find your friend’s makeup choices questionable and too bold or gaudy for your more classy or refined tastes. Okay then, prepare to face the full wrath of a beauty fanatic. It can be quite lethal, I’ll tell you that.

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Beauty fanatics love makeup. They love to try new makeup, they love to talk about it, and they sure do love to give out tips and suggestions regarding makeup. Be nice to them and you will get to know some handy tips and will have a friend you can rely on for all your makeup emergencies. Insult them, even unknowingly, and you can be sure that she will strike back pretty soon, with an insult ten times worse and more potent than yours. Avoid saying any of these above mentioned statements and you will be in her good books.

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