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How To Carry Off A Denim Jacket

by Fashionlady
How to Carry Off a Denim Jacket

How to Carry Off a Denim Jacket
If you’ve got a denim jacket in your wardrobe that you’ve never worn because you’re not too sure on how to make it work, here are some great ideas to help you out. The seemingly humble denim jacket can actually add a lot of flair and style to your outfit when used the right way. So let’s find out how to do exactly that.

As a Neutraliser

You can use your denim jacket to break the clash of colour when colour blocking your outfit. The blue of the denim will help with subduing the other colours while still keeping the integrity of your colour blocking.

Denim Jacket

With a Maxi Dress

You can wear your denim jacket with a maxi dress. Yes, I know it sounds silly, but it actually looks quite good. Here are some photos to prove my point.

Denim Jacket With Style

As a Contrasting Element

Wearing your denim jacket with a lace or tulle dress creates a cute contrast. The unlikely combination looks quite arresting when paired together.

How to Wear a Jean Jacket

With Your Jeans

Wear your denim jacket with your jeans for a denim overload look. And don’t worry overly much about matching the shades.

Carry Off A Denim Jacket With Your Jeans

As a Middle Layer

When you’re layering your outfit, use your denim jacket as the middle layer. The colour and texture adds more depth to your layering and makes for an interesting look.


Carry Off A Denim Jacket As a Middle Layer

With a Long Skirt

I swear as weird as it sounds, this look actually is a very modern chic look. Wear your denim jacket with a dressy floor length skirt in a flowy fabric. This creates a look that mesmerising, with its unusual appeal.

Carry Off A Denim Jacket With a Long Skirt

With a Crop Top

You have a crop top that you’re not too sure about wearing; you have a denim jacket that you’re not sure about how to wear. Sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? Well, it kind of is. The denim jacket and crop top combo is a great way to wear a crop top without worrying about showing too much skin.

Carry Off A Denim Jacket With a Crop Top

With a Jumpsuit

Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson show us that putting on a denim jacket over your jumpsuit takes the whole look to another level. And pssst… It’s also a great way to hide it if your jumpsuit is not a great fit.

Carry Off A Denim Jacket With a Jumpsuit

With High-Waist Clothing

Now that you have so many different looks to try out with your denim jacket, get it out of the wardrobe and try out a new look every day. Over indulge and wear your denim jacket all seven days a week, no one can complain when you come up with such diverse looks. Go ahead, make the denim jacket your signature style and get busy instagramming your awesome looks.

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