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Give a Lift to your Lounge Wear: Wear the Athletic Sports Luxury Look

by Fashionlady
Give a Lift to your Lounge Wear

Also know as the ‘athleisure’ (athletic + luxury look), this trend has been making waves recently and how! Right from posh jogging bottom to bomber jackets and couture trainers, the luxe sportswear look is all about using your little imagination, adventurous spirit and maybe a couple of creative tweaks. Think of neat and sophisticated cuts combined with trainers, tracksuit bottoms, relaxed tailoring and totally light in weight fabrics when thinking of sports luxury. Today, let us make you delve deep into the spirit of this game changing fashion trend, where athletic wear marries super classy luxury.

Luxurious, minimal and sleek- the three magic words for ‘Sports Fashion’ this season

And eminent designers, namely Falguni and Shane Peacock from India to western counterparts; Kye, Alexander Wang and even brands such as Adidas, DKNY, Tommy Hilfiger and Viktor & Rolf and the fraternity of luxe sport fashion connoisseurs showed it all. Impatient as we are to know more, one doesn’t want only the bling and shine to see, but to get on top of the trends before the rest do, is the aim.

Celebrities have endorsed Luxe sportswear like no man’s business. The heat sure is on, from Victoria Beckham to Paris Hilton, Priyanka Chopra to Sonakshi Sinha, Akshay Kumar to Neha Dupia, all seem to be on the ‘Sporty Bandwagon’.

Model in Falguni Shane Peacock IRFW 2013

Source: fashioncentral.in

Let’s take a look at the sports luxe appeal and the trends we are currently digging. It is fun to be the first to know, but getting your hands on it, makes it more exciting!

Trend Spotting: A Quick Recap of Sports Luxe Trends

1. Gucci’s Lurex and baseball shorts, matte satin sports clothing and track pants made of sumptuous cloth and in very bold patterns.

2. Loose tracks and jackets (Alexander Wang), shorts for derby in crepe, satin or sequins. Connoisseurs of the range, MARC by Marc Jacobs, high-end haute sportswear.

Alexander Wang Spring 2012

Source: positiveluxury.com

3. Sleek tops, bomber jackets, tweed or satin pencil skirts. Keep an eye on Prabal Gurung’s exquisite sports offerings.

4. Go sleeveless and wear flared skirts- electric blue DKNY sports clothing, made from neoprene. Quite chic, we reckon!


5. Triangle bras and sensual camisoles, long-flowy dresses with sporty mesh – sporty and athletic enough and brings in the vibes as it did on the ramps this season.  Along with it, sporty tank-tops, long sleeved sweatshirts with white and black mesh paired with boxers in metallic colors or track pants in satin- hot and haute sporty wear! Check with Kye!

6. Hoodies redefined and refined with boots and a necklace to preserve feminity yet with a punch when worn with a long-flowy dress or shorts in satin. Wear the hoodies with tailored blazers, or a tennis skirt (DKNY) and don’t forget the cool sneakers to match up with.

Dkny X opening Cermony 2013 Lounge Collection

Source: chasseurmagazine.com

7. Bomber jackets and bandeaus, high heels with fitted pencil skirts in washed satin or laser-cut mesh suede are the season’s bombs. The runways at Erdem and Marni bore testimony to the styles.

8. Tommy Hilfiger and Viktor & Rolf brought about an innovation with sweatshirts in velvet and super-loose couture, while Alexander Wang worked out the wooly jackets, jersey dresses and fuzzy sport-shirts for Spring-Summer 2014.

9. Hot on the ramps and what one should invest in are leather tracks, which can be paired with long superfluous sleeved sweatshirts and jackets.
One could even have bomber jackets in nylon or leather and for a touch of feminity, floral dark patches and prints on them too.

10. Hoodies can be redefined – dark wool or plaid and thrown easily over a long flowy dress in mesh.

Hemant and Nandita Lounge wear collection at Wills India Fashion Week

Source: pinterest.com

Sports have finally met fashion, and the world of style has spoken. Upgrade your wardrobes and make heads turn, show your power and dress to command. This is what Sports Luxe fashion expects of its followers; 2015 will bring another set of demands, be ready!

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