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Gorgeous Winter Nail Art Ideas For Christmas

by Fashionlady
Nail Art Ideas For Christmas

Gorgeous Winter Nail Art Ideas For Christmas Festival

Trendy as it is, nail art will always evolve to be a chic fashion touch on every fashionista, irrespective of the season or reason! You really don’t need an event, a festival or a celebration to flaunt nail art, which is why we are here to share with you a couple of winter nail art ideas to wear and celebrate. If you like nail art, winter nail art, in tones cool and gorgeous would be the best to flaunt and make a chic head turn with. Take a look at some of these lovely designs and get inspired.

Gorgeous Winter Nail Art You Must Try

The plethora of winter nail colors, winter nail designs and winter nail trends we are about to show you, ring in the festive mood and the seasonal emotions. The best thing about art on nails for winter is that they are easy winter nail designs and can be customised as per your needs.

Gorgeous Winter Nail Art You Must Try

1. If  You Love Shimmer And Sparkle

Who doesn’t love a little shimmer and sparkle in their lives? We all do, right? This is why, adding a shine to the nail art would be an awesome way to make a seasonal fashion statement, in tow with the climes and the mood around, wouldn’t it?

If You Love Shimmer And sparkle

2. Cute Santa On The Nails

For Christmas maybe, you could have Santa sitting on your nails and ringing in the festive cheer; a little sparkle, reds and stripes as designs for other nails would be awesome chic statements in trendy nail art designs to wear!

Cute Santa On The Nails

3. With Acrylic Touches

If you aren’t into the bling, shine and shimmer, and would want to play it matte this season; there are many winter acrylic nails in artsy touches to manifest on your nails. Cute penguins to reindeers and more, you just have to be very imaginative and creative with your nail art.

Winter Acrylic Nails

4. Rudolph On Your Nails

We have sung about Rudolph the red nosed reindeer who had a very shiny nose, all through our school days, haven’t we? The reindeer now can sit pretty on your nails too, and is one of the best or should we say a very cute winter nail designs of the many that we saw around as a trending statement.

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Rudolph On Your Nails

5. Frosty Nails For The Parties

To make an oomph effect come through, there are winter gel nail designs that would make the heads turn more when you flaunt them. Frosty touches with chunky shimmer on the nails would be a great way to make the coolness factor pour in.

Winter Gel Nail Designs

6. Snowflakes All The Way

Bring in more cheer with snowflakes on one nail or all of them, using matte burgundy as base and snowflake designs on the nails. The trendy nail art can be worn to college or work too, and no eyebrows would be raised.

Winter Nail Colors

7. Christmas Ornaments On Your Nails

Not quite literally, but through designs. The base needs to be a very dark color, over which you can draw the Christmas ornaments and decorate the nails in all the shine and shimmer you want; keep it monotone or achromatic, or very colourful as well- the choice is yours.

For The Love Of Gold

9. Winter Branches

With winter manicures going to be the norm, once the nails are shone and clean, you can get these pretty winter branches embossed on them. Makes for a very wintry effect for sure, and a colourful pop of colors too.

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Winter Branches Nail Art

10. The true spirit Of Christmas

Colors, red, green and yellow, to bring in more of the Christmas cheer in mini winter nail art, why not?

The True Spirit Of Christmas

Have fun and let us know your ideas on winter themed nails too!

Images Source: pinterest.com

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