Got Shiny, Oily Skin? Let’s Take A Look At What Causes Oily Skin!


what causes oily skin

If you are one of those women with oily skin who is forever trying to find ways to get rid of the excess oil, then we’ve got some good AND bad news for you. The good news is that you can certainly try to minimize the oiliness of your skin by following a good skincare routine suited for your skin type. The bad news is that oily skin is mostly genetic. So there is no way to totally get rid of it. All you can do is find ways to minimize the effects of it.

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So What Are The Causes Of Oily Skin?

Ever wondered what could be the the causes of oily skin? We decided to find out and were quite surprised with some of the unexpected reasons for oily skin.


As mentioned earlier, genetics plays a very large role in determining your skin type. If oily skin runs in your family, then chances are that there is no escaping it. As unfair as it might seem, the sad truth is that oily skin comes with more skin issues such as clogged pores which then lead to blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Oily Skin Causes


Even those with normal to dry skin can experience bouts where they have oily skin. So what triggers this sudden case of excess sebum production? Hormones of course! Which explains why your skin gets oily just before you get your periods. When the hormones in your body go through sudden peaks, your skin gets messed up as well. Medications such as birth control pills can also interfere with your hormonal balance and lead to oily skin.

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Overuse of Cosmetics or Skincare Products

You might think that all that scrubbing, exfoliating and cleansing will keep your skin at its best. But the hard truth is that you can do more damage than good when you overuse skincare products. Your skin needs time to breathe and constant application of some cream or lotion can aggravate your skin and disrupt its natural sebum production. When your skin feels its oils are stripped, it tries to compensate for the loss by producing more oil, which results in greasy skin on face.

The same goes for overuse of makeup products as well. When you put on layers of makeup, you are clogging your pores and making your skin more prone to breakouts and pushing it to produce more oil.

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Reasons Your Skin is Oily

Sun Damage

When researching what causes oily skin, one of the surprising triggers that we came across was sun damage. Apparently, while over exposure to the sun can result in tanning of the skin and sunburn in severe cases, one other result is an excess of sebum production. It’s our bodies’ way of fighting the sun damage. So applying sunscreen and doing some much needed damage control after long time sun exposure is the way to avoid this kind of oily skin issues.

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reasons for oily skin

Use Of Wrong Products

If you have oily skin and use products meant for dry or normal skin, your skin might feel overly greasy as products meant for normal to dry skin are much more heavy and dense than those meant for oily skin. Similarly, if you have normal skin and use products meant for oily skin, you are essentially stripping away any oil that your skin produces. This could lead to a vicious cycle of you stripping the oils with the wrong products and your skin trying to compensate for the lost oil by producing more of it, thereby making your skin even greasier.


There is proof that stress causes the body to produce more androgen hormones, which in turn leads to an excess oil production.

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greasy skin on face

Now that you know what causes oily skin, take a moment to think about which one of these factors could be causing your skin to become greasy. Knowing the root cause will help you tackle the problem much more efficiently.


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