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Hair Color Ideas For Summer To Try

by Fashionlady
Hair Color ideas For Summer

It’s only natural that with every season, you would desire to give your beauty vibe a new aura and ooze a fresh look to dazzle all! Hair color is probably the best way to go about! For one, it is never boring and it can give you a new edge with minimal effort! Thus, get your fashion tips diary updated with the latest hair color ideas this beach season!

Hair Color Ideas

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Hair Color Ideas For Summer

Regardless of you itching for just a slight touch up or a complete makeover, hair color ideas for summer guide in 2018 is all about getting back to basics.

Summer 2016 Hair Color Ideas

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Undoubtedly tortoiseshell hues top the hair color chart! Many of you may know it as Ecaille. Combining both ombre and balayage but with a different technique, it oozes a stunningly soft and multidimensional vibe! With much warmer and golden tones like honey, caramel, chocolate and mahogany, it does require serious maintenance and regular salon visits. However, the looks are completely worth it!

Tortoiseshell Hair Colour

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Nude Hair

With a perfect balance of warm and cool hair colors, nude tones are fast becoming one of the popular hair color ideas for summer. This trendy hair color in summer is quite easy to adorn. Moreover, they make style switchover seamless and easy. For any style update, you can transcend smoothly to any of the gold or ash hues. Flaunting the most natural vibe, it is an ideal color for you beautiful ladies who are on the lookout for a non-fussy and maintenance free hair color!


Cool Natural Browns

Moving away from dip-dyes, the trending hair color ideas are all about sophisticated shades making the natural hair colors stand out! The brown shades are extremely powerful hues this season which elevate your overall hairstyle without any overpowering or dominant effect. A beautiful complimenting Indian skin tone hair color, few top choices for you could be medium brown hue made more sensual with some caramel shades; dark chocolate brown with some warm chestnut strands, espresso colored or even a warm chestnut with ombre- the list seems endless! Remember to take tips from your hair styler and dazzle with the best hue complementing you!

Cool Natural Browns

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Pewter Blonde

Going grey might just be the most liberating trend for many of you! This shade reins the cool and metallic tones while softening the silver hue. This is due to the terrific earthy shades which often mediate the ashy hue and oozes a more rock ‘n’ roll vibe! Though it looks best on olive complexions, warming this tone with hints of gold makes it easy to pull it off! Blending its light and dark hues gives a beautiful modern and monochrome effect! Adding in shades of gold, honey, strawberry and ash blends well with any skin complexion and makes it easy for literally everybody to rock this raging hair color trend!

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Indian Skin Tone Hair Colours

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Pewter Blonde

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Sunset Red

Red hair color never gets out of fashion! Fun fierce and more of an attitude, the way to rock it this beach season is sunset red! A stunning combination of deep crimson, strawberry and copper, the shade oozes mesmerizing blend of dark to light warm tones! The tone would suit you to the core if you have a fair to medium complexion. In case you are already rocking an ombre with blonde ends, this might just be the shade to transcend to! Rocking its right tone after consulting with a professional hairstylist is bound to look amazing!

Sunset Red

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Millennial Pink

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Caramel Bronde

Falling somewhere in between the blonde and the brunette, the bespoke bronde color trend is definitely taking up 2018 by storm! With a natural dark blonde given subtle shimmers of a lighter hue, the overall effect is simply mesmerizing. The most in-demand hue for 2018  is Caramel blonde. Sparkle your caramel brown with any neutral to golden highlights, depending on your skin tone and walk around no less than a Hollywood celebrity! What would make you jump further with joy is that it is a real low maintenance one and perfect for all you lazy gals like me!

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Caramel Bronde

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There are multitudes of other hair color ideas for you to choose from. However, it’s best to go with your skin tone and personality. Go staid, understated, bold, spunky or crazy, but share your experiences with us!

Let us know which color you are going to try from this hair color chart!

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