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How to Avoid Eyeliner Mishaps – Makeup Guide

by Fashionlady
How to Avoid Eyeliner Mishaps

How to Avoid Eyeliner Mishaps
Despite being one of the most widely used makeup items, the eyeliner still poses a challenge to millions of women on a daily basis. While some seem to have a natural flair for applying it in clean precise lines, some others (read me) have trouble with it and more often than not end up smudging or streaking it all over the place. So for those of us with clumsy hands who are forever messing up their eye liners, this article will help us tackle our eye liner mishaps.

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Ah, the dreaded eye liner smudge. Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally smudge your eye liner and then have to remove it off completely and re-do your whole eye makeup all over again? Well, the next time you smudge, try using an ear bud dipped in makeup remover to wipe away the smudge and rectify any other mistake. It is much more effective and much less messy and time consuming than taking it all off and re-doing it again.

Avoid Eyeliner Mishaps

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Mismatched Lines

It is so unfair that some women get their lines right every single time, while some of us just cannot get it right no matter how many times we’ve done it over the years. But alas, that is life. If you do not have a natural flair for it, then you need to be smart about it and figure out a way to get it right. Doting your lids and then joining the dots is one way to get neat lines.

Another option is to draw your lines with an eye shadow brush dipped in black eye shadow and then on top of that with black eye liner. Since dealing with an eye shadow brush is much easier than dealing with a liquid eye liner, this trick will help you get an outline for your eye liner, making your job so much easier.

Avoid Mismatched Lines

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If you find that your liner fades after a few hours of applying it, then it is time to make a switch. If you are using an eye pencil, consider opting for a liquid eye liner instead. Liquid eye liners last longer and are also the best choice if you want to get sharp, clean lines.


Eyeliner Mishaps

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Stark Black

If you find your eye liner is too stark and makes your face look pale and washed out, then try switching to a brown or grey liner instead of black. Black tends to be very severe looking on our face. Women over forty should especially consider switching to a brown or grey shade as black has a tendency to make you look old and is not very forgiving when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines. Whereas brown or grey help define your eyes while not being too stark.

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Stark Black Eyeliner Mishaps

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Flaky Liner

If your eye liner is flaky, then there is nothing much you can do about it. Throw it away and buy another one. But if you do not have another eye liner handy and the one you have tends to flake, then be sure to prep your lids with an eye primer to give your liner a better hold. And once you’ve applied the liner, wait till it dries and gently brush off any flakes with a fluffy makeup brush.

Flaky Liner Makeup Guide

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Now that you know how to tackle eye liner trouble, there is no more any cause for breakdowns over eye liner mishaps! The next time you mess up your eye liner, stay calm, take a deep breath and go through these tips in your mind to figure out how to resolve the issue quickly with minimum fuss.

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