How To Do Quinceanera Makeup


Quinceanera Makeup

Guess what every girl dreams of. That she will be wearing a long puffy dress (the beautiful Cinderella style) and get her hair and makeup done up by professionals. Sounds exciting and nervous, is it?

But when ‘quince’ day is nearing, you have to see that your quinceanera makeup matches the color of your dress. Quinceanera is celebrated when a girl turns 15, a transition from childhood to adulthood. And it is celebrated with pomp and gaiety. Since it is a jolly and cheerful occasion, the Quinceanera queen must be dressed up and made up accordingly!

Put your worries to rest as I share with you quinceanera makeup ideas, quinceanera makeup looks, quinceanera eye makeup, quinceanera makeup and hair, quinceanera makeup tutorial to go with your quinceanera dress.

 Quinceanera Makeup Looks,

Fashion Dolls Dressed Up In Quinceanera Makeup

Selena Gomez is looking so hot and natural with her fresh-faced look, daring winged eyeliner and simple pink lip.

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 Quinceanera Makeup Looks,

Cute and easy, this elegant look for quinceanera has everything for you to fall in for – there are pink lip and shadow, and liquid winged eyeliner and mascara.

 Quinceanera Makeup Looks,

A cross between prom look and quinceanera, look how the face is beautifully accented with ringlet hairstyle and headband.

 Quinceanera Makeup Looks,

Now let us have a look at how various colours of quinceanera dress could give you the quinceanera makeup goals.

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Pink Quinceanera Dress

For this lovely pink there could be tons of makeup looks.

Pink Quinceanera Dress

But to be on the safer side, add a touch of pink to your eye shadow and then blend it with black and gray when it comes to quinceanera makeup.


Blue Quinceanera Dress

So what if you have decided to wear a blue quinceanera dress. It doesn’t mean blue eye shadow is the given thing to be applied.

Blue Quinceanera Dress
Since only a couple of 15-odd somethings are able to pull off blue eye shadow (such as girls in dance recitals or supermodels who are blessed with unique facial features) you can go for a brown

color quinceanera makeup and apply blue at the inner corner.

Quinceanera Eye Makeup
In order to complete your look, go for a neutral pink lipstick.

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 Quinceanera Makeup Looks,

Purple Quinceanera Dress

Looks like Miss Purple shown below gives us major beauty goals in quinceanera makeup ideas.

Purple Quinceanera Dress

And it is like this. Lilac or plum, whichever you choose, is the go-to eye shadow when it comes to the shade of your purple quinceanera dress.

Quinceanera Makeup Women

If purple eye shadow looks too intense, you can’t go wrong with a brown smokey eye.

Quinceaneras Makeup

Red Quinceanera Dress

When you choose a red quinceanera dress, you have to be a bit careful on doing your makeup.

Red Quinceanera Dress

With a red lipstick it pays to wear a neutral eye shadow and winged eyeliner.

Makeup Ideas

If you are on a conservative side, then go for a subtle looking eye shadow and neutral lips.

Quinceanera Makeup Looks,

Yellow Quinceanera Dress

Ah…this sunshine yellow of quinceanera dress looks so hot.

Quinceanera Dresses

As for the makeup, it makes sense to match a brown eye shadow with gold accents. Top it up with a black eyeliner and red lips to perfect the drama look.

Quinceanera Makeup Idea

Here are some lovely close-ups of quinceanera makeup ideas and quinceanera makeup looks which will bring you closer to the art of doing quinceanera makeup and hair.

Quinceanera Makeup And Hair

I hope this tutorial on quinceanera makeup was helpful and satisfying to you. Being a fashion gal, would you try it out? Do write in your comments and replies.

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