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How to Pack Makeup while Travelling

by Fashionlady
How to Pack Makeup while Travelling

How to Pack Makeup while Travelling
Even though I am a frequent traveler, hitting places around the world often I keep freaking out when it comes to packing my suitcase that I’m certainly forgetting something important. And with the recent hike in baggage fees, it even becomes more overwhelming in what to carry and what to leave behind. While how to pack makeup while travelling is one of the most commonly asked questions, I took this opportunity to share some relevant tips that can help you carry all of your essentials without compromising on anything.

Do have a read and take some cues on makeup travel packs for your next trip!

If you have an international flight to catch then there are a few important factors to consider while packing your makeup kit, with the first one being your destination to consider. Since different countries follow different luggage rules, you should be aware about the regulations followed by your airlines.

makeup travel packs

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For instance, if you’re travelling to the US then here are a few guidelines you need to follow –

  1. You cannot carry anything liquid including oils and gels in your cabin bag that exceeds 50 ml.
  2. While your makeup items should not exceed a total weight of 1 liter, your perfume specifically should not exceed 3 ounces.
  3. Your makeup kit should be made of plastic and transparent with a zip lock.
  4. When it’s said you cannot carry more than 50 ml of any liquid, it does not mean that you can carry half filled 100-ml oil. Instead, as per the rule, the original capacity of your container should be within 50 ml

Here are some tips on how to pack makeup while travelling –

Prefer travel refillable

Since weight of your luggage is one of the most concerning factors while packing, you should always try to escape extra luggage, by adopting these simple tips. For instance, instead of carrying your heavy bottles of shampoo and body wash, you can prefer travel refillables that are light-weight and small in size. You can collect some of your toiletries in these mini bottles, sparing weight and space for other things in your bag.


Prefer travel refillable

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Prefer versatile makeup

Since I always struggle with space when it comes to packing, I always pick items that are versatile and can be used for more than a single purpose, say powdered blush that can also be used as an eye shadow.

Eye liner can be your 3 in 1 tool. You should be tricky in picking your stuff. You can use your eye liner as mascara and also kajal. For eye shadow, you can also use your eyeliner by smudging it with a q-tip to obtain smokey eyes.

Prefer versatile makeup

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Pick one eye makeup for both day and night look

You will always have an array of options when it comes to eye shadow. Do not stack away all of your eye shadows, instead pick one or two that you can blend and get different eye makeup for day and night.

Do not forget to pack baby powder

While you’ve already packed your shampoo in your travel mini bottle; still you should carry this essential as well, as baby powder can save you from bad hair days. As you’ll be constantly moving when you are vacationing, your hair is bound to suffer from dirt, sun and pollution. Use baby powder as dry shampoo to add volume to your oily or frizzed hair.

So those were some of my top picks on how to pack makeup while traveling. For more tips, click here.

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