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How To Plan Your Destination Wedding Like Bollywood Celebrities

by Fashionlady
Destination Wedding Like Bollywood Celebrities

In the year 2018, we witnessed two of the biggest weddings of all time when it comes to Bollywood celebrities: DeepVeer & Nickyanka wedding functions. The buzz for these celebrities weddings was touching the sky months before the occurrence of wedding function. But, How?

Destination Wedding Like Bollywood Celebrities

How did they manage to garner so much attention and hype for their wedding? The answer is quite simple. They keep the entire wedding affair private. It’s because of keeping everything related to the wedding function private, they successfully managed to raise the sheer desperation among the masses. The media houses, journalists did what it takes to get just a glimpse of the wedding ceremony but all their efforts go in vain.

The key question here is how do they manage to pull off an utterly private destination wedding under the nose of the myriad of journalists and media houses? Only a proficient and professional wedding planner in Patna can seamlessly manage the privacy and exclusivity of a wedding function.

You too can keep your wedding under wraps and manage to pull off a Bollywood celebrity style wedding with the help of destination wedding planners. Here are the pivotal points you need to consider when planning your wedding function like celebrities.

Step 1:

As per the opinions of some of the most distinguished destination wedding planners, it takes at least 3-5 months to plan and successfully organize a destination wedding. If you are aiming to pull off a destination wedding in Bollywood celebrities style, the first and foremost thing to do is roping in a highly-experienced destination wedding planner as quickly as possible.

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Wedding Reception

Step 2:

Once you have joined hands with wedding planners, the next essential thing to do is to lock down a suitable wedding destination keeping in mind budget, size of guest list, connectivity, etc. There is no denying that choosing a wedding venue is a daunting task when you have heaps of options. But with the expertise of wedding planners, you can easily wrap up this extensive process.

Step 3:

Set multiple trips to the wedding venue with your destination wedding planners to finalize the various wedding planning aspects like decoration, food menu, the theme of the wedding function, entry ideas, photographers, and the list go on. A wedding planner will do all the research work for you, all you need to do is to lock down the right vendors.

Priyanka Chopra Haldi Function

Step 4:

After finalizing the venue and the vendors, it’s high time you should start laying a great emphasis on your wedding outfit. Certainly, you don’t want to deck out yourself with the cliche outfits which every other bride and the groom are wearing at their wedding ceremonies.


When selecting the wedding outfit, never ever compromise with your comfort just for the sake of wearing something trendy and groovy. Your wedding outfit should be the perfect blend of uniqueness, comfort level, and state-of-the-art fashion.

Step 5:

In addition to the above-mentioned points, if you are a prominent personality in your industry, media and news channels will surely strive to put a nose in your wedding function to get a piece of the whole affair. The best and the safest way to keep your wedding function a private matter is to keep the wedding venue and other details confidential.

Ask your destination wedding planner to make all the requisite arrangements to avoid the breach of your wedding function privacy.

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