How To Style Hijab In 3 Different Ways


Hijab most simply can be defined as a veil or a headscarf worn by the Muslim women. The word “Hijab’, is an Arabic word, which refers to covering.
An integral part of the dresscode set out in Islam, a hijab is meant to cover the head and chest of the Muslim women.
The women who follow Islam, religiouly wear a Hijab at all times when they are out in the public.

Over the years, the Hijab fashion has evolved and so have the various styles to wear it. A little bit of tweaking here and there, can go a long way in redefining your everyday look.

The brief tutorial identifies three different yet simple styling, that can be done with the hijab. Scroll down for a step by step guide to these quick styling hacks.

Style 1

This one is the most common way to wear hijab. Quick and simple, it is the go-to style for hectic mornings.

Step by Step Guideline:

  1. Take a square scarf of your choice.
  2. Place the scarf on the head, with the ends resting equally.
  3. Take one end across leaving the tail on the opposite shoulder.
  4. Adjust the fall of the scarf near your ear and secure it with a pin.
  5. Now, take the other end and take it across, letting it rest loosely on the opposite shoulder.
  6. Adjust the fall of the other side and secure it with a pin.

We suggest you pick out scarfs in bright colors and prints and add that oomph to your daily dress up. If you feeling like prepping up a little more, then opt to contour your face. Finish your look with a dose of mascara and nude lips. With the hijab beautifully landscaping your face, you are now ready to step out and take over the world.

scarfs in bright colors

Style 2

This one did be an ideal one when you are dressing up for an elaborate evening. If you are a girl who loves accessories, then opt for this style for your next big invite.

Step by Step Guideline:

  1. Take a square scarf of your choice.
  2. Place the scarf on the head, with the ends resting un-equally, preferably longer tail on the left shoulder.
  3. Take the shorter tail on the right and gently push it back on the left shoulder.
  4. Now extend the right tail and wrap it around your neck leaving the tail to set in neatly on the left shoulder.

Add a tinge of glamour to your hijab by placing a gorgeous brooch on the right side. We suggest a modest one for a smaller gathering, and a more attention seeking stone studded one for a grand evening. Prep up your face and for a more define look, we would say, opt for contouring. Do some dramatic eye make-up, with a shimmer eye -shadow and mascara and finish this head turning look with a bright pout.



Style 3

This one can be defined as a more liberal variation of styling the hijab. You may want to wear this when you are heading for a relaxed evening with close ones.

Hope you liked these ways to style your hijab. Check out the video and try them now. We will be waiting to hear all those compliments you got with this little tweaking.

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