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Luminescent Clothing Is In!

by Fashionlady
luminous clothing for womens

Luminous Clothing for womens
Did you ever think that there would be a day when your clothes will actually do the talking? Yes, that day is here. With the invention of luminous clothing, you can actually feel your clothes glowing! It is a revolutionary discovery which is slowly changing the way we look at fashion.

What exactly is luminescence?

Luminescence, as the name suggests, is something which gives off light. Luminous is a vast word and anything and everything that gives off light could be called Luminescent. So, even a torch can be called luminescent. But actually luminescent stuff has a different way of lighting up. The light in these is given out only when their atoms are excited and a little heat is given off. Luminescence again can be of various types depending on how they give of light.

Luminous pants for womens

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The next big thing: Luminescent Clothing

For us, fashion is something that is constantly transforming and changing. The latest in this is the invention of Luminescent clothing. These are almost magical and very futuristic. These are clothes (usually T-shirts and Shorts) which give off light. Now the principle behind these clothes is very simple. They are made of fibre optics which emit light along the full fibre of the clothes and in the process release a fabulous luminous effect.

Luminous dresses

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Though Luminescence is still being explored when it comes to the clothing industry, a lot of people, especially the young crowd is experimenting with this kind of clothes. Young fashionistas, partygoers and clubbers can be seen wearing this type of clothes pretty often.


Most of these fibre optics that are inserted inside the clothes are high-quality fibre and are manufactured in Italy. Not only is it durable and high-end, but it is also very elegant and can leave behind a very magical look. Some companies even offer you luminous fabrics so you can have a go at their own designs.

Luminous optic dress for womens

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Though this is a pretty unexplored territory in India, abroad, luminous clothing is doing a brisk business. There are several online stores which specialize in supplying luminous clothing. Lumigram and Luminex are two such famous companies. They provide not only different types of luminous clothing, but they are also exploring home décor which is luminescent. So, they even provide table clothes and curtains which have fibre optic cables infused in them to give a luminous effect.

Some of the common products manufactured by these companies include:

  • Luminous dress (fiber optic dress), luminous skirts (fiber optic skirts), luminous bras (fiber optic bras)
  • Luminous pants (fiber optic pants), luminous Shirts (fiber optic Shirts), luminous T-Shirts (fiber optic T-Shirts)
  • Luminous outfits, custom light up clothing, custom light emitting clothes (illuminated clothing), custom logos
luminous T-Shirts for womens

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What is so special about these luminous fabrics?

Well, first of all- You have clothes that light up! You will surely be the light of the party (We mean, literally!). As we mentioned before, this is still a very niche area and there hasn’t been much exploration yet. But the specialty of these different clothes is that they have light emitting fibre optic cable which is woven into the synthetic fibers of the cloth.

These optical fibers are specially processed so that they can allow the light to be emitted through the entire length of the cloth. The optical fibers are then connected to the edge of the fabric and there are LED lights which inject light into that piece of cloth!

Luminous clothing

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Isn’t it just amazing? Clothes that light up are the newbies in town. So, if you would like to be the ‘light’ of the party, wear luminescent clothing.

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