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Princess Diana Jewelry: Rolled In Priceless Luxury

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Princess Diana Jewelry

Princess Diana Jewelry

If there is one lady whose beauty is unchallenged, invincible, evergreen and memorable till your last breath, it is Lady Diana.

The Princess of Wales, Lady Diana led a royal life only to meet an untimely and tragic death. What echoes in the mind even today is not just her royal looks and elegance, but princess Diana jewelry too.

Jewels Of Princess Diana

Yes, the jewels of Princess Diana have their own story to tell – some sparkling, some private, but in both cases, extensions of royal family jewelry.

Here are some priceless items of princess Diana jewelry box that would either stop your heart for a moment or wet your eyes with awe and appreciation. Some things in life are meant to be enjoyed and savoured, not compulsory to be owned!

Jewels Of Princess Diana

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Rings Worn By Princess Diana

One of the absolute charmers in princess Diana jewellery collection was the diamond sapphire engagement ring worn by her which was gifted to her by Prince Charles after he had asked her hand in marriage. Sapphire incidentally was the favourite gemstone of Lady Diana.

The ring not only had a large sapphire designed into an oval shape, it was surrounded by 14 diamonds, and set into an 18-carat white gold band.

The exact value of the sapphire could be anywhere between 9 and 10 carats.

Princess Diana Sapphire Ring

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Yet another jewels of princess Diana is the Aquamarine ring of Princess Diana that was manufactured by Asprey in the year 1997 after Lady Di had commissioned them to do so. The unique thing about this ring was that it was made of emerald cut aquamarine which was surrounded by small little solitaire diamonds. The stones were set into 24-carat yellow gold. Princess Diana had worn this ring at the reception of Christie’s Auction.

Princess Diana Aquamarine Ring

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Necklaces Worn By Princess Diana

At the 1997 Royal Gala Performance of Swan Lake which took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, Princess Diana wore the much famous necklace Swan Lake Suite.

Created by Garrards, the Princess chose five of her favourite South Sea pearls that hung from the main silver drop on the necklace. Garrards had also made matching earrings. It so happened that both the necklace and the earrings were not fully finished at the time of the ballet. So the Princess returned them to Garrards for them to be completed. Destiny had something else written for Lady Diana. Sadly enough, the Princess died before she could get an opportunity to wear the finished pieces. Few years later, the Swan Lake Suite was then privately sold to an English couple.

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Princess Diana Jewellery Collection

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Princess Diana was a pearl lover as well. And this showed up tremendously as Princess Diana Jewelry on many of her social occasions.

Princess Diana Jewelry Box

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Tiaras Worn By Princess Diana

Royalty was seeped into princess Diana crown jewels.

The Spencer Tiara was the most famous of the tiaras collection of Princess Diana. It had a large gold scrolling foliage adorned with star shapes and tulip flowers decorated in diamonds and set in silver.

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Diana’s father John Spencer gave his daughter Princess Diana the Spencer Tiara before her marriage to the Prince of Wales.

Princess Diana Crown Jewels

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Earrings Worn By Princess Diana

The best known earrings in princess Diana jewellery collection were those that were given to her apart from the engagement ring. The earrings had sapphires which were surrounded by dazzling diamonds.

Princess Diana Earrings

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How did you find the Princess Diana Jewelry – stunning, intoxicating, precious or more? Do write in.

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