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6 Qualities Of A Woman That A Real Lady Should Have

by Fashionlady
Qualities Of A Woman

We’ve all seen the perfect couple. They live, laugh, and love their way through life. Everything seems perfect. In some ways it may make us sick. But is it out of utter disgust or perhaps they have something we are missing. So how does one find the perfect match? You may be an expert at navigating a popular match site, but only end up meeting players or guys with lots of baggage and drama. So to get a good catch, consider if you carry the qualities of a perfect woman. Having a perfect balance of honey and vinegar will attract the best guys who are willing to make an effort to win your attention. Let’s take a look at 6 must haves to find the best matches in the UK.

Qualities Of A Woman

Carry An Aura Of Confidence:

Nothing is more powerful than confidence. Whether you are a high powered professional or a homebody you can take ownership of almost any situation simply by standing strong and having faith in yourself. Not to mention it drives men crazy. Guys, hate rejection and if they see you have an aura of confidence, they won’t be so quick to get you in the sack and will take more interest in you as a person to earn your trust.

Independent And Self Reliant:

The damsel in distress situation may work well in fairy tales, but little positive comes from it in the real world. Women who always depend on others to bail them out, tend to find themselves under the thumb of a controlling prince. Having your act together empowers you to be in control of your decisions. This is especially true for the qualities of a good woman to marry. Getting out on a date is great while you’re sorting things out, but before you commit yourself to a relationship, make sure it is 50/50. If you can keep up with your end of the relationship you’ll be able to expect the same in return.


Be Intelligent And Educated:

Now this doesn’t mean you need the highest academic honours from an Oxbridge program. Even those who are a hot mess need to have some level of intellectual prowess. If academics isn’t your thing, get educated on some fun topics such as art, pop culture or even which pubs offer the best pint. But having a uni degree goes a long way to feel accomplished and boost your confidence. If you struggle with uni work, many hire British essay writers to help them through. With a bit of character and some sharp wit behind you, you’ll woo the match of your dreams.

Women Fashion

Have A Sense Of Fashion:

Men appreciate an attractive woman and if you’d like to have your pick, look the part. No matter your fashion preferences, make sure you have taste. Stand out from the crowd and look sharp with the right wardrobe. Even if you’re not confident in your figure, finding the right shop will have you covered – literally. Many outlets specialize in trends from all genres and can accommodate any body style.

Make Time For Those Close To You:

Never forget who your besties and family are. Sure life gets busy and its easy to get caught in the grind of daily life, but that doesn’t mean the people who have always been there for us should go to the curb. Not to mention, when looking for a quality relationship, it’s important not to make yourself too available. Remember, you have an existing life and the ideal match will compliment who are as a person and accept there are other people in your life as well. So don’t feel guilty about girls night out or having some tea with mum. It’s okay to tell your romantic interests that you have plans.

Be Positive And Have A Sense Of Humour:

Having a sense of humour goes hand in hand with being positive. If you can’t laugh at some of the stress factors in life you’ll never obtain your inner nirvana. Plus, positive people attract others and bring out the best in them. Having a happy inner circle of friends and acquaintances is a key ingredient to having a happy life. So even if you live in stress city, being able to relax, take a breath and see the best in a situation will radiate in your mood. So brush off that negativity with a dose of humour and fun.

When we look at the world around us we see some girls really have it together. A dream job, the perfect partner, time to enjoy and a seemingly carefree life. But how do they do it? For some, it seems to come easy but remember, only you can make yourself feel a certain way. So lift yourself up with some confidence and a positive personality and enjoy the fruits of life. In no time you’ll find the ideal partner and perhaps be the envy of those around you.

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