Save Your Soles: 8 Effective Ways on How To Protect Your Heels

8 Effective Ways on How To Protect Your Heels

So, you finally saved it up to invest in those killer pair of heels. Good, because as they say “shoes speak a lot about its wearer”. But that is not where the job ends. Putting in little love into your favourite high heels can keep them fresh and glowing for anytime-Instagram picture. And hey, nobody would want to damage their priceless possessions on purpose, right? But with bumpy Indian roads and dusty affairs, you got to be careful. Today, we list for you a number of precautions and after-measure you can adopt to ensure that your new kicks are as good as new always.

1. Make your heels best friends with heel caps and rubber soles

This would ensure that the soles of the pricey heels are well protected from undue thinning and scrapping. Any local shoemaker can do this job efficiently for you. Do make it a point to ask from your cobbler to add durable caps in thin heels, further keeping the wearing down at bay. So, here is one way on how to protect your heels.



2. Clean the leather often

No, in real life, we do not have those shining armors just waiting to lay their jacket down at every puddle you encounter. For such harsh days, make it a point to get the undesirable marks of lipsticks, dirt and grime off your heels by washing them with a clean cotton cloth and leather cleaner. Once it dries just pat clean dry cloth over the affected area.

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3. Pad the heel in case you feel even a tad bit uncomfortable while walking in them

Nowadays shoe manufacturers produce some good quality stiffening pads for the heels to help you retain the share of your heel. These pads also help you to maintain a proper grip on your foot, never tiring you out even while you strut in them all day long.

Pad the heel in case you feel even a tad bit uncomfortable while walking in them


4. Storing heels adequately and neatly should be a part of your daily storage habit

This is because keeping them in air tight spaces or shabbily can cause them to suffer scratch, fades and other sort of serious damage. Always keep them safe in a cloth bag and then in a cardboard shoe box – both of which you get when you buy heels from the store. Make use of linen dust bags while carrying your heels with you.

Storing heels adequately and neatly should be a part of your daily storage habit


5. Make certain to never store your heels under direct sunlight as it can cause gradual fading and major discoloration to your heels

Note to always keep ample breathing room between two pair of heels if you are storing them without a hardboard shoe box.

Effective Ways on How To Protect Your Heels


6. Remember to always wear rough and tough shoes in rainy and snowy conditions

However, if you must wear heels, opt for leather ones and ditch the suede ones as leather ones do a fantastic job at repelling water.

Jelly shoes in rainy and snowy conditions

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7. Clean and condition your leather heels at least once in a month

As far as taking care of suede heels and your footwear is concerned, just use a special polish and brush to keep them new and shiny for as much time as you can.

Clean and condition your leather heels


8. Buy Quality Products

From taking care of heels point of view, when looking to invest in a long-term heels, always make sure to see that the quality of shoe matches with the price. This is because the more colourful and more deteriorated in quality the shoe is, sooner it is going to lose its shape, sheen and life.

Buy Quality Products for protect your heel


In the end, just make certain to avoid heat buildup in your shoe, as it can lead to discomfort and blistering. Opt for heels made of breathable materials always and put in a little powder inside to help keep your feet happy and dry all day long. With this all Steps to Protect Your High Heels we wish you Happy shoe shopping and after care!

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