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Shimmer And Shine With These Tips On Bronzer Body Makeup For Desi Look

by Fashionlady
Bronzer body makeup for desi

Bronzer Body Makeup For Desi Look

Don’t we just love the desi look flaunted by our Bollywood girls and the models on the ramps of various fashion weeks? We do, right? But most of us do not know how to get that tanned look, and sometimes even though we use bronzer body makeup for desi look, it just goes over the top and makes us look horrible.

How To Apply Bronzer To Look Like Desi Glam Girl

1. Define The Body

What you need to understand when using bronzer for the desi look is that the body needs to be defined, much like what self-tanning would do, which makes lines and defines muscles on the body. You have to first understand the parts of your body that you would be exposing wearing a certain ensemble, and then bronze up the parts in question. And always stand under an overhead light which would allow you to check where the natural shadows of the body would fall.

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For example:

1. If it is your arms that you want to bronze; get one arm held outwards and flex the muscles a little. Now use a gel bronzer and focus on the dented area of the muscle, where you would use a mix of foundation and bronzer together to contour and tan the area.

2. For the bust line, you would need to use a bronzer and foundation brush, to paint the cleavage curve and the clavicle bone.

Bronze Desi Makeup Tutorial

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

3. For the calves, begin by wearing high heels which would allow you to flex your calf muscles. Now paint a line with the bronzer under the muscle and shadow them with a brush, which helps accentuate the zone.

how to apply bronzer

Source: pinterest.com

4. To define your jaw line, you would need to look into the mirror and stand under a light. Without lifting your chin, apply the bronzer on the zygomatic area or the cheekbones and with a large brush blend it upwards.

how to apply bronzer to look like desi

Source: pinterest.com


Applying The Bronzer

1. You begin with evening out the skin tone you have, because if the skin is blotchy, chances are it would look unnatural and cakey. We would look at liquid bronzers here for the body, which helps achieve the bronzing effect sooner. If you have skin issues, use concealer to hide the same – the face or the body. Dab a little loose bronzer powder over this as you would a setting powder.

bronze desi makeup

Source: erinashleymakeup.com

2. Work with colors and hues that work best for your body tone and color. This is when you use blush and bronzer together. Remember the color wheel and the neutral color rule we spoke about? You have to follow the color matching systems, so that the right hue can be chosen for your skin tone.

bronze makeup tutorial for desi look

Source: makeupandbeautyblog.com

3. Always remember, when practicing the bronze makeup tutorial for desi look, always keep the first coat of bronzer liquid or powder to the minimal. This brings about a sun kissed look and a sheer layered touch too.

bronze desi makeup tutorials

Source: punjab2000.com

5. When applying blush over the bronzer, stick to cream or cheek stains, which blend into the bronzer look much better than what powders can manage to do. This would avoid you from looking like a clown, and always apply the blush over the bronzer in a circular fashion. This helps raise the cheekbone section and you wouldn’t look odd too.

Ways To Apply Bronzer To Look like desi

Source: allure.com

We hope this information on bronze desi makeup tutorials and how to wear your bronzer right for the face and the body comes in handy. There are many more live tutorials happening online as we speak, which we encourage you to check.

Remember, what suits a diva onscreen may or may not be the same for you, because with body bronzing techniques, one size doesn’t fit all. Take a good look at the body frame and then decide which look to create, using the bronze desi makeup tutorial.

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