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5 Shoes Hacks That’ll Keep Your Feet Happy

by Fashionlady
Shoes Hacks

Shoes Hacks

Love wearing Christian Louboutin or the Jimmy Choos shoes? Well which lady or PYT in their sane mind wouldn’t want a pair of these gorgeous babies! But wait, with the summers here, we rather go open feet with sandals and peep toes than have Chanel Slingbacks, why? Our feet perspire and smell at the end of the day, which makes us think ten times before wearing those shoes and closed-heels. All hope isn’t lost yet- read on to know how to dress those feet chic and nice, sans the onslaught of bad odours and shoe bites!

1. Ouch they hurt!

Blisters are a pain and literally bring down your movement as well. To prevent them from happening, the best way as grandma used to say is to apply deos all over the feet. It works wonders and you wouldn’t have to be the stereotypical dame with her shoes in her hand. Put your best foot forward and apply a little deo to the feet. Slip into your favourite heels and walk away! Lasts for 12 hours comfortably – try it!

Shoes hurt

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2. Stinky socks and knocks

Throw in a teaspoon of baking soda along with plenty of talcum powder. Leave the mix inside your trainers or shoes overnight, and dust them all of the next day. Your feet are now safe to be placed inside those shoes. Wear them and walk around, jog, or run- the perspiration would be absorbed and there would be no cases of blisters, toenail fungus or bad odours anymore. Once done wearing your shoes, remove and let them air dry naturally. Repeat the process the next time you want to wear them again!

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Baking soda for shoes

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3. Tea bags to drown the odour

What do you do with used tea bags when the morning cup is over and done with? Apart from using it as compost for the plants or using cold frozen ones for your eyes, think shoes and the smelly feet. Did you know, keeping used dry tea bags in your shoes would drown away the smelly odours and save your feet from fungus and grime? There wouldn’t be blisters to attack too?

Tea bags for shoes

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4. Coffee brings back the life in shoes

Back to back rains and the sneakers or shoes have developed mildew and a horrible smell in them? Worry not and have a cup of coffee, but wait, before you brew the heavenly beverage and look so flustered at this hack, grab a teaspoon of ground coffee and pour them into old panty-hoses. Drop one satchel into each shoe and wait for the magic to happen over night. No mildew, no smells and no irritating bites to deal with!

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Shoe hacks

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5. Baking soda, lime powder and coffee

A cup of baking soda when mixed with two tablespoons of coffee and a tablespoon of lime powder and put into two satchels for one shoe each, works like magic! Keep the satchel in the shoe for as long as you like and the smells would be gone when it comes time to wear them!

Shoes Hacks

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Never knew these hacks before? Now you do, so stop wasting your money, time and energy and go DIY! If you have more ideas, do drop us a line!

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