Silvery – Gold With Some Bronze – Eye Makeup Steps To One Hot Touch


eye makeup steps

Ahh the pale blues and aqua colours for the lid be so boring, so last century and so passé. It is the new-age and with edgy styles, fashion statements, bold looks and more, so why stay in the dark when you can be the shimmering light sans the Christmas tree look and effect to flaunt!

Here are ten eye makeup steps to making that look of all things blingy, shimmery and glossy for the eyes com through, sans overdoing it. Please follow the eye makeup tutorial and learn how to look chic in gold, silver and bronze, one power-packed prêt-a-porter look for the eyes this Diwali!

Let’s Begin

In India, we generally tend to wear makeup depending on the occasion and the mood. And sometimes, we tend to not use or mix the metallic touch in any of our accessories. But when it comes to colouring the eyes, mashing and mixing it up should be the norm, especially with metallic shades that oppose one another. The look not only flatters the ensemble worn for the occasion, but would also break rules of going minimal sans over-the-top effect to flaunt.

eye makeup tips

Dabble With Makeup Alchemy

Gold and silver with a touch of bronze, the perfect amalgamation that comes through with the matrimonial big fat Indian wedding saga for the brides or the attendees to flaunt, is sure a hot trend doing the rounds. Let the metal shine on the eyes, which would match the number you wear for the event. A perfect blend is what you need.

eye makeup ideas

10 Tips To The Shimmery Look

best eye makeup ideas

1. Never blend one colour into another, or else it would form a mess which would be of the muddy kinds. Remember, metals reflect light, and blending the two would make a dull appearance to the eyes. If you want to be a shining Goddess at the event, focus on one metallic shade as the main, and balance it with the other on the side-line!

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eye makeup tutorial simple

2. For the upper eyelid, start with a washing of the lids with bronze-copperish touches, right into the crease line.

Eye makeup steps for gold

3. Use a solid gold colour for the lids now and form a reverse-cat-eye look for the lower lash lines on both eyes.

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Eye makeup steps for silver

4. They say a silver lining at the end of a stormy night is what we need, so let the same work for your eyes too. Bat your eyelashes for the lightening touch, with a touch of silver stencil or shadow to the upper and lower lash line. With the help of an angled liner brush, use the silver eyeshadow or stencil, swirling it on the areas around.


eye makeup tutorials

5. Now apply two strokes of kohl or Kajal in black for the upper eyelids only. With the help of a Kajal blender brush, blend from the middle to the left of the eyes, and then the reverse. Start again from the middle to the right of the eyes, and then reverse the act again. This would bring about a smokey touch to the upper lids. You may do the same if you please, for the lower lids too.

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best eye makeup

6. Get to the inner corner of the eyes and rub a shade of silver with your pinky finger there.

gold Eye makeup

7. With the help of an angular but small brush, dapple a little more than what you would to blend the look here.

ideas for eye makeup

8. One shade of bronzer for the upper lids would be enough to subdue the flamboyant shine, should you want to tone it down a little.

top eye makeup ideas

9. Wash your cheekbones with peach and pink blush touches. Start from the cheek to the temple and back, and in one stroke only. This is because the eyes have to steal the show.


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