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Simple Makeup Hacks For Dusky Skin Girls

by Fashionlady
Makeup Hacks

Makeup Hacks For Dusky Skin

The good thing about fair skinned girls is that they have plenty of options as far as beauty tips go. But when it comes to dusky lasses, there are a different set of makeup rules in order to make the most of dusky complexion.

Plus it also requires different makeup shades and different techniques so as to bring about the natural skin colour.

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Here are some time-tested Makeup hacks and beauty tips for dusky skin which will help your face win back attention.

Sunscreen Is Must

Across the world girls and ladies might have different shades of skin but the basic rule of applying sunscreen cannot be wished away.

Just because you have dark skin doesn’t mean there is no need of applying sunscreen. Sun will still damage your skin and speed up the ageing if you don’t follow this makeup tips.

Dusky Skin Makeup Tips

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Exfoliation Once A Week

One of the important but overlooked Makeup hacks is exfoliation. Every skin type benefits from it when done once a week. After all, it helps remove dead skin cells, thereby bringing back the natural colour of the skin.

The purpose of exfoliation is to clean out the pores and reduce your chances of a skin breakout. So, rub your face gently with olive oil and sugar mixture and see this makeup tips bring joy to your dusky skin.

Dusky Skin Makeup Hacks

Source: blackgirlhealth.com

Moisturization Daily

Considering you are dark-skinned, if it further becomes dry, then you are in for ashy complexion. In order to keep your skin tone look young and beautiful, moisturise your face every day with a quality moisturiser. In fact, moisturise your body after every shower to make the skin young and refreshed.


Makeup For Dusky Skin

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Acne And Pimples Need Good Care

Take it or leave it, dusky skin girls are more prone to acne and pimples which show up on the face. So, make it a point to remove makeup before you hit the sack.

Adopt a good facial cleanser to keep your skin glowing perfect. And yes, never make the mistake of picking at pimples or you could be left with the pesky scars on your skin.

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Choosing Foundation

One of the important beauty tips for dusky skin is choosing foundation. While doing so, make sure not to select a lighter shade than your natural skin colour, or you will make your skin look grey.

So, as a thumb rule for makeup for dusky skin, go ahead and try out shades like burgundy, green, copper and brown. These shades will look nice when you are out for the evening. Like for instance, smoky eyes look impressive on dark skin. And more so, when combined with shimmering colour on the inner corners of the eyes.

Makeup Tips For Dusky Skin

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Once again, it is the dark shades which would be the best shades of lipstick on dusky skin. Bright colors are a big no-no, or lipsticks with frosty finish. Similarly, don’t go overboard with gloss. Choose darker shades like plum, berry, gold, beige or burgundy to be on the safer side.

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beauty tips for dusky skin

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Skin Toner

Make it a daily habit to use a skin toner for a fresh and youthful look. Skin toner also fights excess of oil/sebum in the skin, clears up acne and closes skin pores.

Many girls evade using a skin toner, but it makes a huge difference in giving you good skin.

Face Mask Once A Week

Doing a face mask on a weekly basis helps keep skin moisturised and clear of blemishes. Adopt this homemade recipe wherein you need to mix 1 tbsp honey with 1 egg. Apply it on your face and let it sit for ten minutes. Then wash it off with lukewarm water. If you have oily skin, then use only the egg white and, if you have dry skin, use only the yolk.

Makeup tips for dusky skin

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Hope you will follow these Makeup hacks religiously without any break. Do share your thoughts and comments with us on makeup for dusky skin.

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