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Sixties Fashion Styles Reinvented For 2015

by Fashionlady
Sixties Fashion Styles

Sixties Fashion Styles

The movie HAIRSPRAY brought back memories and smiles to many moms who sported the winged-eyeliner look, and lived the swinging sixties with utmost grandeur and grace. Style back then was about minimalism, innocent touches, subtle colours, monotone fashion, big hairdos and more. Keeping that in mind, the trend now is so different and very innovative, but that should not stop us from experimenting and being a breed of fashionistas apart, should it? Here are ten ways to incorporate the swinging sixties fashion for work, home, a girls night out and play, and just about any moment in your life.

Audrey Hepburn with a Twist

We aren’t talking only about the famous LBD sported by the diva Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffanys. In fact, the LBD can be given a subtle twist with white collars for a corporate look, and the white headband to keep the jazzy effect working through the boardroom meets!

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Swinging sixties fashion

Source: pinterest.com

Large Colour Blocks on Long Tunic Skirts

Back in the sixties, large colour blocks on long tunic skirts were the staple in every self-respecting fashionistas wardrobe. Bring back the look with the Saint Laurent’s 1965 “Mondrian dress” and the big hairdo, and end the couture stance with flat ballerinas for the feet.

Sixties fashion

Source: pinterest.com

Large Sunshades and Striped Polo Tees

For a casual day out with the girls, the swinging sixties touch and more should be your mantra this weekend. Large round shades for the eyes and a striped polo tee for the top with a flair skirt and heels, grabs eyeballs for sure!

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Sixties sunshades and striped polo tees

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Details and Patch Pockets

Knee-length collar skirts, a one-piece patch pocketed trousseau was the college-girls manna back then. Formal or for casual wear, every girl had one of them in monotone colours back then!

Patch pockets in sixties

Source: pinterest.com

Twiggy Look

When women back then flaunted their curves like never before in the sixties, Twiggy, a very controversial model back then with her reed-skin looks stunned the ramps with her own body-beauty mantra in a one piece tunic top and statement earrings. Don’t miss the twiggy eye-makeup!

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Sixties style

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Pop Art of the 60s

Patterns and prints, bold enough to catch the eyes and in bright shades and vibrant colours made the swinging sixties a memorable time for fashionistas to bask in. Take that 2000s, you haven’t seen it all, if the LBDs aren’t embossed in shades, patterns and prints!

Pop art of the 60s

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Polo trench coats and leggings

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B/W Polka Dotted LBDs

Another twist to the LBD for sure, and with a quirky hairdo for the evening, the LBD embossed with white polka dots can stir up a storm at the pub tonight. Wear it with attitude and flaunt the innocence moves like no one’s watching!

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Polka Dotted LBDs

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Short Hemlined Skirts and Large Bow Headbands

Monotone fashion swung its sexy touches across the world back in the sixties. From college-goers to corporate women, stay-at-home moms to the bohemian lass, everyone endorsed the short hemlined skirts and the large headbands with larger bows on them.

Sixties fashionable styles

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With so many more chic and very fashionable styles from the sultry sexy and very swinging sixties to flaunt, wait for us to show you more on what your clothes now in the wardrobe can be turned into. But do watch the movie HAIRSPRAY for inspiration, because “there’s a new girl in town” and that’s YOU!

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