Star Tattoos: A Little Chunk From The Cosmos


Star Tattoos

It shines brilliantly in the sky and if it’s shooting by you, please make sure you make a wish on it! Yes, we are talking about stars – the tiny little dot in the sky which shines brightly and is of a lot of significance for us.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with stars. Astronomers have spent years trying to study it and astrologers can tell future based on the positions of these celestial objects. It is but natural for humans like us to get a tattoo honoring this amazing thing, right?

This article is all about star tattoos, their significance and whether you should get one. Read and find out more on which star tattoo you should be getting!

Nautical Star Tattoo

Different Types Of Star Tattoos: What Should You Get?

There are not too many options when it comes to star tattoos, but you do have some which are symbols of certain things. For instance, the nautical star tattoo shows a particular direction. Read more about them below.

The Nautical Star Tattoo:

Back in the day, a nautical star tattoo was only done by sailors but now everyone is fascinated by it. Sailors used the nautical star as a marker and navigated their way around oceans and seas by the position of the stars and their constellations. It’s a tattoo which shows your way back home. Take a look at some nautical star tattoos:

A nautical compass/star tattoo which depicts the wanderlust in you – You should get this tattoo if you are bitten by the travel bug and want to travel around the world:

Star Tattoo Designs

This nautical star tattoo also doubles up as a compass:

Black Star Tattoo

A nautical star tattoo which is the part of a bigger feminine tattoo with more stars:

Star Tattoo Meaning
Make a wish and get a tiny little shooting star on your wrist:

Star Pattern Tattoos

A couple gazing into the wide open skies and a shooting star whizzes past – won’t it make a beautiful scene? Put life into this thought by etching it as a tattoo:

Star Tattoos for Women

Colourful Star Tattoos:

If you love life and are always laughing and living life to the fullest, here are some tattoos with a dash of colour.

A water colour tattoo to remember a favourite person:


Star Tattoo on Neck

What about a colourful tattoo which looks like a part of the universe:

Coloured Star Tattoos

This one isn’t about colourful stars, but instead has a beautiful background with silhouettes of stars:

Unique Star Tattoos

Another colourful water colour tattoo to adorn your ankle:

Colored Star Tattoos

For a flamboyant and colourful person, why not get a band of star tattoos on your back? Something like this:

3 Star Tattoo Meaning

Unique Star Tattoos:

Here are our top picks for tattoos you won’t commonly see.

Get a minimal and simple matching tattoo with your best friend or your mother or sister:

Shooting Star Tattoo Meaning

A simple black and white star and moon tattoo looks gorgeous too:

Shooting Star Tattoo Design

Or get your favourite constellation etched on your back with dots:

Shooting Star Tattoo Ideas

These were our best picks – unique, beautiful and something you would like to keep forever! Do you already have a star tattoo etched? We would love to see your unique star tattoo design.

Images Source: pinterest


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