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Ladies, This Is How Often We Should Be Changing Our Bras

by Fashionlady
How Often We Should Be Changing Our Bras

We women share a love-hate relationship with our bras. There are some bras that we wish we could wear every day and then there are bras that we once bought and ever since have been sitting in our lingerie drawer.

How Often We Should Be Changing Our Bras

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The main reason of women having this certain kind of likeness or dislikeness for bras is based on how well the bra fits them. The ones that fit like a second skin becomes the favorite one and women tend to wear them more often than others. And the ones that either poke or make them feel uncomfortable sits quietly in the depths of the lingerie drawers.

There are a couple of common questions that often crosses the mind of every woman. Let’s have a look at them.

How Often Should I Change My Bra?

Your bra is the first garment to go on to your body. It is the closest to your skin and hence hygiene becomes of utmost importance here. Your bra should be changed every single day. Every woman should have at least 5 bras (3 basics and 2 fancy ones) and should alternate them every day. Especially during summers and monsoon when it gets hot & sweaty you just can’t deal with same bra for 2 days in a row. The bacteria in-built can result in serious health issues.

When Do I Need To Buy A New Bra?

Saying good-bye to your favorite ladies bra can be really tough. But it’s better to let go of the bra if it doesn’t serve it purpose any longer. 3 signs that indicate you need to shop for new bras are-

1. Loose Straps:

If your bra straps have lost its elasticity and can’t be tightened any further, it’s time to switch to a new bra. Ideally the bra strap should have a 2 finger difference between your skin and the strap, if the difference is more than that then it’s probably worn out.

2. Poking Wires:

A well-fitting new bra will never poke you, but if it has started poking you now then you should probably break up with the bad bra. When a bra turns old and the fabric gets worn out, the wires poke out of the fabric and start to hurt which can even scar your skin. It is best to immediately change your bra.

3. Reaching The Last Hook

If your bra band is loose even after reaching the last hook then it’s clearly not supporting your breasts enough. Wearing such a bra will do no good to you. It is every important to wear a bra that snugs your under bust area properly in order to support and lift your breasts.

4. Too Loose Or Too Tight:

Another reason you might have to change your bra is because your breasts size might have changed. It is advised to get your bra size checked every six months. Sudden weight loss or gain can result in ill-fitting bras. If you’ve gained weight you might notice bulging breast tissues and if you’ve lost weight the cups might now hold a lot more unfilled space. In both such cases, you need to get yourself a new bra.

How To Measure Bra Size

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How Can I Make My Bra Last Longer?

We all wish our bras could last a lifetime. Obviously, we’ve already spent a bomb on those little beauties that always stay hidden under layers of clothes. Now if you’re wondering if you could make them last a lifetime, that’s somehow impossible. But you can always extend their life by using it the right away.

If you’re someone who wears the same bra everyday then we bet your bra wouldn’t last you more than a month. But if you own 4-5 ladies bras and change them each day, it’s quite possible the bras can last you for a year or two.

How Often You Should Replace Your Bra

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