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Tips to Hide or Get Rid of a Hickey

by Fashionlady
Tips to Hide or Get Rid of a Hickey

Tips to Hide or Get Rid of a Hickey
Ah, hickey, the mark of love and passion. It can be quite embarrassing and put you in awkward conversations where you will either have to lie about it, saying that it’s an allergy or something (of course everyone will know the truth) or you will have to suffer endless hours of teasing from your friends. To avoid being in such situations you need to know all the clever ways in which you can hide your love bite. Let’s also look into how to get rid of a hickey faster.

Cover It Up with Clothing

Of course the most obvious way to hide a hickey is to cover it up with a turtle neck top, A long sleeved shirt, or a scarf. But beware, like I said, this is quite an obvious way to hide it. While you might get away with it with your family and acquaintances, your close friends are bound to suspect it. Also, this trick won’t work if it’s summer. I mean, you can’t wear a turtle neck during summer and not have people question you about it.

Cover It Up with Clothing

Source: ecvv.com

Cover It Up with Makeup

Get out that concealer and corrector. Dab on the corrector to get rid of the red or purple tinge and then dab on the concealer to cover that up. Finish it off with some foundation and powder to set it. You might need to touch it up after a few hours, especially if your makeup is not waterproof. So carry all the items in your bag.

If you’re a guy, go ahead and steal some makeup from your sister, mom or girl friend. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Just be sure to blend it in well or it will show that you are wearing makeup.

Hide it with Your Hair

See if you can manage to hide it with your hair. If the hickey is on the neck region, you might be able to hide it by simply leaving your hair loose.

Try a Cold Compress

Use ice to reduce the redness and swelling. Keep ice on the love bite for half an hour or so, it will help soothe the skin.

Try a Cold Compress

Source: womenworld.org

Use ice to reduce the redness and swelling. Keep ice on the love bite for half an hour or so, it will help soothe the skin.

Massage the Area

Gently massage the area to reduce the discolouration. Be gentle or you will make it worse. You can also use aloe vera gel or coconut oil to massage the area.


Try a Hot Compress

When you place a hot compress over the hickey, the warmth from it will improve blood circulation in that area and help heal the hickey faster by allowing the broken blood vessels to be reabsorbed into the blood stream.

Apply Peppermint Oil

Apply a drop of peppermint oil to the affected area and massage gently. If you do not have pepper mint oil, use a used peppermint tea bag. Chill it in the freezer for ten minutes and use it as a cold press. You can also use a toothpaste with peppermint in it to massage the affected area.

Take Vitamin K Supplements

Vitamin K helps prevent blood clots and is used to help treat bruises. So you can take vitamin K supplements to speed up the healing process. You can also apply creams or lotions with vitamin K to help heal the hickey faster.

You can even try rubbing a banana peel onto the aggravated area. Do it twice a day to help diminish the redness and fade away the hickey.

I hope you find these tips and tricks useful in your hour of need.

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John Crooks February 14, 2016 - 11:55 pm

The best way I’ve seen is to rub spaghetti sauce or McDonald’s ketchup. I’ve tried other ketchup but McDonald’s is by far the best. It’s very convenient because they come in “to go” packets. I don’t know the science behind it, but it seriously works. If it doesn’t remove the hickey completely, it kind of stains your neck so it blends in easier. Best of luck


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